2024 NBA Finals MVP Odds

The NBA Finals are officially underway, and so far, the Celtics have controlled the series in every aspect, giving them a 3-1 lead as the Mavs look to mount a comeback in Boston. As far as the MVP goes, Jaylen Brown was able to overtake Jayson Tatum as the favorite following an impressive game three.

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2024 NBA Finals MVP Odds






Jaylen Brown





Jayson Tatum





Luka Doncic





Jrue Holiday





Derrick White





Kyrie Irving





*odds as of June 17, 2024

Current Favorites

Jaylen Brown (Boston Celtics): For the first time all postseason, Jaylen Brown looked human. During the Celtics blowout loss in game four, Brown would finish with ten points on 3-12 shooting from the field, which was the first time he shot below 53.3% in this series. Even with that showing, Brown remains the favorite to win the Finals MVP, and a bounceback performance in game five will likely secure it for him.

Jayson Tatum (Boston Celtics): Since the Eastern Conference Finals tipped off, Tatum was favored to take home the Finals MVP, and while he led the Celtics with 31 points in game three, his shooting numbers continue to be less than impressive. Following a 4-10 shooting night in Boston's game-four loss, Tatum is now 27-74 from the field in this series, which, even if the Celtics take home the title, is not good enough to win MVP.

Luka Doncic (Dallas Mavericks): With their season on the line, Doncic once again put the Mavericks on his back and led the team with 29 points despite going 0-8 from three. Doncic is averaging 29.5 points per game in this series, but at the end of the day, if the Mavs can't keep making a miraculous comeback, his chances of winning this award will remain low.

Past Winners





Nikola Jokic

Denver Nuggets


Steph Curry

Golden State Warriors


Giannis Antetokounmpo

Milwaukee Bucks


LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers


Kawhi Leonard

Toronto Raptors


Kevin Durant

Golden State Warriors


Kevin Durant

Golden State Warriors


LeBron James

Cleveland Cavaliers


Andre Iguodala

Golden State Warriors


Kawhi Leonard

San Antonio Spurs

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