Terms and Conditions

Service and commitment to terms. These Terms apply to the sportsbettingapp.com Website (later the "Site" and "SBA").

The SBA website presents and reviews international gambling companies and the various games they offer to their readers. These terms and conditions define the rights and obligations of the SBA website. SBA reserves the right to update and change these terms and conditions by notifying its readers and potential registered users. Updated or amended terms will be posted on this page.

The Site User ("User") agrees to be bound by these Terms by using the Site.

Use of the Site is strictly forbidden from underage users.

Target audience

The Site is primarily aimed at and intended for international use. Regardless of the country in which the Site is used, the law of Estonia shall apply to the Service.


The SBA does not currently offer users the opportunity to sign up for the Service.

Use of the Site

The Site provider is not responsible for the messages that readers may submit to the Site. However, the Service Provider has the right to inspect and, if necessary, delete some or all of the messages sent to the Site if it believes that the messages are illegal or violate the privacy of other readers, protected or inappropriate or otherwise offensive language, or otherwise rules or regulations.

Unauthorized use of site content

You may not modify, copy, make available to the public, exchange, sell, or otherwise exploit the Site's articles, text, image, or video content. All copyrights related to the Site's production and its content, except third-party advertisements and other information appearing on the Site, belong to the Site Provider.

Rewards distributed by the Site and their taxation

When using the Site, it may be possible to win various prizes offered by the service provider or its affiliates and sponsors. Prizes are awarded by either the Site Provider or the Site Partner. Prize winners will be notified of the win in person.

A prerequisite for receiving the compensation may be that the winner has complied with the conditions mentioned in the separate competition instructions. Reader rewards shared on the Site cannot be monetized.

The prize received is considered the taxable income of the prize winner, and the grantor and the User must notify the taxpayer.

The website provider is not responsible for any prizes awarded by a third party (partners/sponsors) for any damage resulting from their availability, functionality, use, or other costs related to the rewards.

Limitations of Liability

The provider of the Website does not guarantee the smooth operation of the content obtained through the Website forever. The Service Provider is not responsible for any content errors on the Site. The administrator of the Website is not responsible for the accuracy of the content or other material of the messages appearing on the Website.

The Site provider is not liable for any damage or other loss resulting directly or indirectly from the content provided by the Site. The Site Provider shall not be responsible for any indirect or consequential damages subject to applicable law.

You use the Site at your own risk. The administrator of the Site is not responsible for the activities of other users on the Site.

Responsibility for third-party information

The Website contains links to websites maintained by parties over which the Website is not controlled. The Website operator or the owner is not responsible for the content of these websites, the functionality of the links, or the accuracy of the information on the pages.

The operator or owner of the Site is not responsible for compliance with the law or good manners of advertising material provided by third parties