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This Tennessee based sportsbook offers bettors in the Volunteer State a wide range of betting options and the chance to receive same day withdrawals.

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18+ (21+ where required) | T&C Apply | Please gamble responsibly

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Action 247 Bonus Offer and Promo Codes

It's common for sportsbooks to offer new customer promos to stand out in a crowded market, but the Action 247 Sportsbook is currently going above and beyond that by providing two different new customer promos. The first promo is a common premise in the mobile sportsbook world as it revolves around free bets.

New customers that use the promo code "FREE50" when making a deposit are eligible for a free bet worth up to $50 after they make their first wager of $20 or more. It does not matter what sport or league the customer bets $20 on; as long as they use the promo code, they will receive two free bets worth $25. Once credited, these free bets must be used in three days or less and on a bet with odds above (-160).

The other new customer promotion that users can choose from is a very unique idea that Tennessee bettors should be very excited to receive. When making their first deposit, if customers use the promo code "FREEWEEK" which allows customers to make a risk-free bet up to $100 every day for a week, and if that bet loses, they will be credited with a free bet of equal value.

If the customer's first bet of the day loses, they will get a free bet up to $100, and any bet over $50 will be rewarded in increments of 20%, so a $100 risk-free bet turns into four $25 free bets. Like the first promotion, the free bet must be used in three days and on a bet with odds above (-160).

How to Sign Up with Action 247 Sportsbook App?

When looking to create an account on the Action 247 Sportsbook, customers can enjoy a simple and easy sign-up process.

  1. Search for the product on either the App Store or Google Play Store.

  2. Download the app and select "Join the Action" to get started.

  3. Create a strong username and password and begin to fill out personal information.

  4. Customers are required to provide the last four digits of their social security number as a part of the personal information section.

  5. Once the account is created and the user's location is verified, they can begin enjoying the app.

  6. When making a deposit, customers can choose from an excellent range of payment options and insert promo code "FREE50" to become eligible for the new customer promo.

  7. Once the money is deposited, customers can make a wager of $20 or more and receive $50 in free bets.

Other Promotions And Rewards

The Action 247 Sportsbook does offer existing customers the chance at promotions as well, but they come and go much quicker than the new customer promos. Often these promotions last for a day or a short period of time revolving around a specific event.

One example of a current promotion at the time of writing this is customers can bet $50 on a same-game parlay for the Memphis Grizzlies game with odds (+400) or more, and they will receive $1 in free bets for every point the leading in scorer in the game finishes with. Other existing customer promos can include "Pick-Em" competitions that do not require any wagers, just picks, and depending on how the bettor does, they can win free bets or prizes.

Currently, there is no loyalty program, but the product offers a perk for existing customers that refer their friends and get them to sign up for the app. If an existing customer gets a new customer to sign up through their "sign-up link" they will be rewarded with $100 in free bets once the new customer deposits $50 or more and makes a $50 or more wager at odds above (-200).

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Action 247 details:

Owner: Action 247
Founded: 2020
Offshore Licenses:
Signup bonus: $50
Promo Code: FREE50
Phone: 833-222-8466
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24/7 Support:
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Loyalty program:
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Product selection:
  • In-Play betting
  • Sports Betting

Action 247 FAQ:

In which states is Action 247 legal and available?

As of right now the Action 247 Sportsbook is only available in Tennessee. It is unclear as to whether or not they will expand into more states.

What is the promo code for Action 247 bonus?

The current new customer promo code for the Action 247 Sportsbook is "FREE50".

How do I redeem a bonus code on the Action 247 App?

When trying to redeem a bonus code on the Action 247 Sportsbook, new customers can enter the code when making a deposit.

How does the withdrawal work at Action 247?

When looking to withdrawal winnings from the Action 247 Sportsbook, customers can go to the "Player Account" tab and select withdraw. From their they can choose from a plethora of options, all of which only taking about one business day to complete.

How do I download the Action 247 betting app?

The Action 247 Sportsbook app can be found and downloaded in either the App Store or Google Play store depending on the customers device.

Is Action 247 sportsbook safe?

When it comes to safety the Action 247 Sportsbook is one of the best. Using SSL encryption all private information is encrypted and can only be seen by the user.

Action 247 Sportsbook App Review:

action 247 screenshot

In late 2020, the Action 247 Sportsbook was launched by a Tennessee-based company and made for the residents of Tennessee. The Nashville area business launched the product and gave in-state bettors the chance to take advantage of creative promos and betting options along with same-day withdrawals.

New customers can choose from two different promotions that both revolve around free bets. Bettors can either choose from a $50 free bet after they make their first wager of $20 or more with the promo code “FREE50” or they can choose to get a risk-free bet of $100 every day for a week if their first bet of the day loses, with the promo code “FREEWEEK.”

Action 247 - Review

Oftentimes, sportsbook app users can choose from a wide range of options depending on their state, but they are usually large companies or well-known names they are choosing from. In 2020 the Action 247 Sportsbook gave Tennessee natives the option to choose an in-state company to provide them with a quality sports betting experience.

Unfortunately, for the 49 other states, this product is only offered in the Volunteer State, and as of right now, it does not look like any other states will be made available soon. Tennessee natives can find and download the app on either the App Store or Google Play Store and begin enjoying the generous new customer promotions, and creative betting options only found on this product.

The factor of the company being run in the same operating state allows users to also benefit from excellent customer service and fast withdrawals that can be performed from some of the best payment options on the market.

Both the app and website allow for a simple betting experience while also providing bettors creative ways to enjoy existing customer promotions or wager-free competitions that could warrant free bets and prizes. The term “homegrown” is not used often when talking about sportsbook apps or websites, but this product gives in-state bettors an idea of why it become a popular trend on the market in the future.

Sports Betting Markets & Lines

If customers are on the hunt to wager on a specific sport, event, or league, there is an excellent chance they can find it on the Action 247 Sportsbook. This product offers 16 different sporting events ranging from football and baseball to cricket and darts. Whether a customer likes to bet on the in-state Memphis Grizzlies or would like to try betting on cycling, they have the option to do both within the app or website.

Within each of the major U.S. favorite sports like baseball, basketball, football, and hockey, bettors also have the opportunity to choose from specific leagues, whether they be U.S based leagues or international. Finding and betting on college football or the MLB within the app can be done just as easily as betting on the German Bundesliga in soccer or the SHL hockey league in Sweden.

Entertainment-type events like award shows or reality-based TV cannot be wagered on or found within the product. Everything that can be wagered on in the app is sports-specific.

Bets & Odds

Users can enjoy a nice range of bet types when using the Action 247 Sportsbook, some of which are widely known, and others are app specific. Bettors have the option to make wagers on common bet types like moneylines, point spreads, point totals, parlays, futures, teasers, and player prop bets.

When it comes to standing out in a crowded market, this product does a good job with the addition of their “Pick-Em Games” which are free to play but still give users the chance to win free bets and prizes. This competition-style betting option allows customers to enjoy a betting feel without having to wager any money.

As far as the odds go, this product stacks up well in most sports in comparison to many of the other major sportsbooks offered in Tennessee. Users don’t need to fear they are missing out on better prices by using this lesser-known sportsbook.

Live Betting

Customers do have the opportunity to live bet on the Action 247 Sportsbook. Live betting has become a large part of the sports betting world, and users can easily access and enjoy a wide range of sports and events to live bet on, whether they are using the mobile app or website.

The “In-Game” tab on either platform will take bettors to a page filled with any live event, whether in the U.S. or internationally, and gives them the chance to wager on constantly changing live odds. Customers do not have the opportunity to watch or live-stream these events from the app or website, they can only wager on them.

Action 247 Sportsbook Payment And Withdrawal Options

Oftentimes, one of the things that can hold sportsbook app’s back is a lack of payment options which makes using the product, in the beginning, a hassle for the customer. The Action 247 Sportsbook offers a nice range of five deposit options that encompass most services a customer might use. Online banking and debit/credit cards are two of the most common options that are easy to use and set up, and they can both be found within the app or website.

Customers can also use a Play+ card, which is an FDIC-insured reloadable banking account that can be connected directly to the app. This method would require customers to create a Play+ account before utilizing it.

When it comes to withdrawals, this could be considered one of the biggest advantages of having this product. Since they are an in-state-run business, it allows them to process withdrawals faster, giving quick payouts to their customers no matter what method they decide to use. The options are very similar to deposit options led by online banking and Play+ and have a minimum withdrawal requirement of $10. Only U.S. currency is accepted for both deposits and withdrawals.

Deposit Methods

  • Online banking

  • Debit/credit cards

  • Play+

  • Cash

  • VIP Preferred

Withdraw Options

  • Online banking

  • Play+ Card

  • Cash

Accepted Currencies

  • USD

Customer Service And Support

One of the benefits of the Action 247 Sportsbook being run in just one state is that they can dedicate a lot of time and effort to their customer support operation. Customers have the option to call the customer service team directly, email them, or from the hours of 9 AM to 11 PM, they can message them directly through a live chat function.

Many of the reviews on either the App Store or Google Play Store include very positive remarks about how efficiently the customer service team handled their problem. A lot of times with bigger sportsbooks, many of the reviews are written negatively when it comes to customer support, so it's clear this product takes a lot of pride in giving their customers a smooth experience.

If users prefer to handle their problem without speaking to the customer service team, they also have the option to browse the FAQ page to find a solution to their problem. Within the page, customers can find answers to questions about their account, deposit/withdraws, along with a mix of general questions that may arise while using the product.

Responsible Gaming Tools

The responsible gaming tools used by the Action 247 Sportsbook revolve more around seeking action with a gambling help website or hotline and preventing underage gambling through third-party technologies.

Unlike most products, this app does not offer the ability to set limits or for self-exclusion. However, what can be found in the product is four different hotline numbers for various gambling anonymous companies in Tennessee. Customers can also find a “Problem Gambling Checklist” that poses questions revolving around a user's gambling habits, which urges them to get help the more questions they answer yes.

Mobile Betting With Action 247 Sportsbook

Whether a native of Tennessee is new to sports betting or has been wagering for a long time, they can both appreciate the simplicity and creativity of the Action 247 Sportsbook app. The simple layout and design make it easy for customers to find whatever they may be looking for, whether it's promotions or a specific sport.

The rotating graphics at the top of the home page make it easy for a customer to select and wager on the biggest events happening on any given day and allow for an efficient betting process.

When it comes to the app's responsiveness and speed, we encountered no glitches or hiccups under a stable internet connection. While clicking around from different tabs and events, we did not run into any problems regarding the app freezing or making it difficult to enjoy the betting experience. Customers won’t need to worry about their bets not making it onto the bet slip due to glitches or constantly needing to restart the app in order for them to get their wagers in.

Downloading The Action 247 Sportsbook App

When looking to download the Action 247 Sportsbook app, customers can find and download it from either the App Store or Google Play Store. Once it’s downloaded, customers will need to verify they are operating in the state of Tennessee in order to begin using the app.

On the App Store, this product has a 3.2 out of 5-star rating, and on the Google Play Store, it has a 3.3 out of 5-star rating. The Google Play Store download page also mentions this product has been downloaded over 10,000 times.

Web Platform

When using the Action 247 Sportsbook website, users can enjoy a very similar experience to the mobile app. The product’s website includes the same layout, just in a wider format, and features everything users are able to find on the app, including live betting and the promotions tab.

The overall responsiveness of the website is very impressive and allows bettors to enjoy a smooth betting experience without glitches or freezing. For customers that enjoy this sportsbook but prefer a bigger layout, this website is the perfect alternative.

Overall User Experience - Summary: Action 247

It’s easy to become skeptical when using a sports betting app that is not offered in many states or run by a well-known business, but the Action 247 Sportsbook app had a lot of impressive features that could stack up well with some of the top names on the market. The new customer promotions should make non-Tennessee sports bettors jealous that they are not more widely offered promotions.

Having the most common payment methods, a wide range of betting types, and a solid customer support team may seem common, but one would be surprised at how many well-known sportsbooks fall short in these categories.

It would be ideal for this product to expand into different states, but it does not seem like they have plans to do so. With that being said, it would be nice to see them add a loyalty or rewards program for their customers that gives them an additional perk for choosing this product in a crowded market.

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