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Sportsbooks commonly offer all sorts of sports betting promotions and rewards to stand out from other competitors. In short, such offers are there to encourage new players to sign up or retain returning customers. These promos can come in many different forms, including match deposit bonuses, free wagers, betting contests, and raffles, but why are these good to take on?

The answer is that these promos are an excellent way for individuals to test out a sportsbook, try out betting options, win additional prizes, and generally get a feel for the sports gambling site without having to risk too much of their cash. In addition, from the bettor's POV, each offer is always a plus bringing more value to each customer relationship.

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Best Betting Promotions For Existing Customers

When tracking the best betting promotions, it's essential to look at all the available options and promo types. It is also indispensable to check out the terms and conditions of such an offer, as these vary quite a lot between each promo. Ultimately, the terms and conditions are the main determining factor regarding the quality of each gambling promo.

One of the commonly offered overarching bonus types is for existing customers. Depending on the sportsbook, these bonus offers can include, for example, free sports bets, additional match deposits, and more. These wagering offers can change depending on the sport and current events too.

Existing customers can also take advantage of extra competitive odds with so-called odds boosts. Better still, many sites will have reward programs to reward loyal customers further. In addition, raffles, contests, and straight-out giveaways are also a familiar sight on the absolute best sportsbook websites.

But, when checking all of these promo options, it's essential to remember that the best bonuses don't have strict wagering requirements.

Betting Promotions 101

With so many sports betting app promotions available, it is crucial to understand what each option can offer and how you can opt-in for each promo campaign.

The actual welcome offers can include various bonuses depending on the sportsbook itself. For starters, new customers often receive a welcome bonus to enjoy after the sign-up or the first deposit, and these deals can include risk-free bets, cashback offers, match deposit bonuses, etc. Each of these different bonus offers has a variety of positives as to why players would do well to claim them.

For the most part, these bonuses help push forward the bettors' wagering options and possibilities. However, it is always worth checking out the details and conditions of each offer before claiming it, as not all bonus promotions are created equal. With this in mind, it's especially wise to look at the wagering requirements attached, any time frame requirements, etc.

In addition to the welcome bonus offers, there are, of course, also several different betting promos for the sportsbooks' existing customers. These can include, for example, wagering contests and competitions, prize raffles, giveaways, and reload deposit bonuses. Each of these promotions aims to retain customers in the particular sportsbook. As the competition is fierce in this online gambling field, these promo offers can be quite hefty benefits-wise.

It's also reasonable to take advantage of seasonal offers, mainly when they involve odds boosts or free wagers for a specific event, such as the Superbowl or the World Cup final, where these promotions might help out later. Therefore, whenever there's a major sporting event close by, you should take a peek at the online betting sites' promotion sections.

Types Of Promos For New Customers

For new players, betting promotions can be a massive help, which is why this kind of arrangement even exists. For instance, claiming a match deposit bonus is a great way to make any bankroll go further. Rather than just making a few small bets, the matched deposits help bettors make either a few bigger bets or many smaller wagers as they check out the features of the particular sportsbook.

Alternatively, free bets are a great option, as they offer a risk-free way of placing the first bet. With these options, new players can get comfortable using a sportsbook without worrying about their bankroll. Instead, they can pay attention to the actual wagers they are placing and learn the ins and outs of the sportsbook in the process.

Cashback promos are also quite popular, offering a risk-free option for each new customer. The idea is simple: if your first wager loses, you get your money back. These deals are especially great for those who like to try out many different sportsbooks before settling down on one betting site or app.

But with this intro, it's time to dive deeply into the world of welcome bonuses to see what kind of deals and promotions there are for each new betting customer.

Welcome Offers

As said earlier, these sports betting promotions are created to encourage new players to sign up. The welcome offers can mix several promo types, such as free wagers and matched deposits, but they can also include other rewards, like free spins to casino games. Ultimately, a welcome offer is only a basic title of each promotion directed at new customers, and it can include whatever the sportsbook itself decides to give out.

The idea behind them is to make the sportsbook as appealing as possible so that players are more likely to sign up and join one site over another. Therefore, as the competition between different sportsbook operators intensifies monthly in each US state, bettors can expect these welcome deals to grow exponentially in terms of the value they provide.

Matched Deposit Bonus - 100%, 200%, 300%

One of the more exciting betting promotions is the matched deposit bonus, which means that when the bettor makes their first deposit, the sportsbook will match it with extra betting credits. The matched bonus percentage will always vary depending on the sportsbook, but it's often 100%, which means doubling the bankroll with additional wagering assets.

For instance, if a customer deposits $50 and gets a 100% match deposit bonus, the customer has $100 to bet with. These promotions are always great as they instantly boost the starting bankroll for placing online sports bets.

In some cases, the bonus offer can also be available with a 200% boost, which would mean that the bettor would gain a $150 total bankroll with just a $50 first deposit. What a great deal!

No-Deposit Bonuses

This kind of opportunity is ideal for each new customer because of the absence of risk. With these no-deposit bonus promotions, every new customer is awarded either a small betting credit reward or a free bet just for signing up for the sportsbook. And as the promo title says, claiming such an offer does not require depositing, so each of these bonuses is totally free of charge!

So, the no-deposit bonuses are truly the most wanted betting promotions out there and possibly also the best ones. These deals provide an excellent starting point for each new bettor, as you can make your first wager, or wagers, without any monetary risk. Thus, they are very suitable for individuals still learning the tropes regarding online or mobile sports gambling.

Free Play Promos

If the no-deposit deals are the most wanted offers, these free bet promotions are the most popular ones on the market. With these offers, each new customer receives either a free bet or are risk-free wager after signing up for a sportsbook and making a small initial deposit.

If the claimed promo offer includes a free wager, customers can lay out their first bet free of charge as they wish. And if this bet wins, the sportsbook adds the winnings to the customer's bankroll. In the case of risk-free bets, the customer has to use real money to make the first wager, but if this bet loses, the sportsbook refunds the used state back to the bettor in full.

Cashback Offers

Another of the top betting promotions available for new customers is the cashback offer. With these types of deals, the customer receives refunds, also known as "cashback," from either a particular lost wager or a multitude of them.

So, if your bet loses after claiming such a cashback promo, you usually get the stake back as a refund, either as a free wager token or betting credit, which they can use to make further bets. The other way is that the customer receives a percentage of their net losses from a period of time as a similar refund.

Other Types Of Sports Betting Promotion

One of the many exciting things about playing at online sportsbooks is the wealth of betting promotions available. And while most of the offers are dedicated to new players, existing customers can also benefit.

Providing additional bonuses such as reload offers, reward programs, competitions, raffles, giveaways, etc., can result in more players staying on at the sportsbook. The operators earn trust by showing that they care about their customers, causing bettors to return again and again to wager on their site.

Nothing is as dull as a sportsbook operator that offers no promotions to their customers. And as each promo adds value to the customer relationship, the bettors should keep an eye on such offers, especially if these kinds of rewards interest them in any way.

Competitions And Contests

Many sportsbooks have betting promotions that center around competitions and contests. So, as well as winning awards from the specific wagers made, players can also receive prizes for coming top of a betting league, winning the most on an event, or even accurately predicting an event. Prizepool typically consists of additional incentives and money-worth prizes.

Giveaways and Raffles

Other fun betting promotions available at online sportsbooks include giveaways and raffles in which every player can participate. Usually, this consists of promos where players can win free sportswear or gear and sometimes even cash prizes.

As most players in a sportsbook are assumed to be sports fans, giveaways and raffles can be hugely appealing.

Reload Bonus Offers

Many great betting promos come in the form of reload offers which are great for existing players as they provide additional bankroll boosts for players, even when they're not newly signed up.

These are usually smaller than the actual welcome offers, generally offering a 30% or 40% match. Similar to match deposit bonuses, a reload bonus requires a small deposit, usually on a specific day. Once this first deposit of the daily requirement is fulfilled, the reload bonus is added to the user's account.

Sports Betting Odds Boost

Boosted odds are common betting promotions that tend to occur across different wager types depending on the bookmaker and the event or sports occurring at that moment. For instance, odds may be boosted for a particular sports event like an NBA or NHL match.

Sometimes, these odds may go so high that the bookmaker forgoes any house edge entirely. Therefore, such offers can add massive value to your wagers.

Seasonal Promotions

The time of the year is the key. During the year, betting promotions will come and go. For instance, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween all have major promos dropping as everyone gears up for the holiday periods.

Similarly, massive sporting events such as the Olympics and the Super Bowl also draw a lot of interest from bettors and are prime bonus periods.

Refer-a-Friend Campaigns

Refer-a-friend betting promotions are an excellent option for players who enjoy wagering. A campaign requires sending a specific link from the bettor's account to their friends. If friends sign up and deposit a demanded amount of funds, the original referrer will receive a percentage of the deposit or a set cash bonus.

Often, the number of refer-a-friend bonuses is unlimited.  

VIP and Loyalty Programs

Finally, sportsbooks usually offer VIP or loyalty programs as one of the betting promotions available. Often, these require the user to do nothing special at all. Just deposit, and place bets.

With these deposits, bettors can acquire points, moving them up through various levels. The VIP or loyalty program offers additional rewards and benefits to make the process worthwhile at each level.

Sports Betting Promo Codes - What Are They?

Though not all, many betting promotions come with bonus codes, and the promo codes are used to claim the specific offer. Of course, claiming some prizes and rewards doesn't require any codes, as these are automatically added to the player's account.

However, those needing a promo code require players to enter this code either during sign-up or when making a qualifying deposit. Therefore, failing to enter a promo code will mean that the bonus or other type of reward is not added to the account, and the player misses out.

Bettors can often find these promo codes on the sportsbook site directly or skimming through third-party websites like this one. We always try to tell the bettors the best betting promotions, bonus offers, and the correct promo codes for claiming them.

How To Use A Sportsbook Promo Code

Using a bonus code is very straightforward. You must copy the bonus code and paste it into the correct text box corresponding with the bonus offers claiming instructions. Usually, this box will be available when the bettor has to make and confirm a deposit.

Once done, the bonus will instantly be added to the bettor's user account. However, failing to add the bonus code means players will miss out. In those cases, please contact the sportsbook's customer support immediately, as only they can help in such situations.

Restrictions And Terms Of Use

All betting promotions are subject to various restrictions. These can be a combination of multiple things, and the rules can include rollover requirements, time limits, limits on the bet size, limits on the size of the win, etc.

Bettors must always check out these conditions before taking on any bonus or promo offer, as they always affect, for example, withdrawing any winnings. Therefore, failing to meet these requirements can make the bonus void or any winnings unclaimable at the end of the session.

Wagering And Rollover Requirements

The most common type of requirement in place on betting promotions is the wagering or rollover requirement. It's important to know what this is all about, as it can affect whether a user can actually retrieve any winnings.

In a nutshell, each bettor must meet these requirements to get their hands on their winnings, and almost all gambling-related bonus promos will have wagering requirements attached. Of course, there are always some exceptions, but as these are quite an anomaly, each bettor should always be mentally prepared to fulfill some wagering requirements when claiming any offer.

In simple terms, the wagering or rollover requirements are the number of times you need to play through the bonus amount and/or the subsequent winnings before any wins can be withdrawn from the user's account. The lower the requirements, the easier they are to meet, and the easier you can get your hands on the potential winnings.

Therefore, it is always vital to be aware of such requirements, even before claiming and accepting any betting bonus.

Example Of Sportsbook Bonus Wagering

Here is an example to explain betting promotions and their wagering requirements. So, for instance, for a $100 bonus with a 20x wagering requirement, the client must wager $100 through 20 times. In other words, bets will need to be placed to $2000 for any final winnings to be withdrawn.

Wagering doesn't necessarily mean that players will have to make additional deposits; instead, the player can use claimed winnings to place further bets until the total wagered is $2000. Withdrawing your winnings is possible only after this ordeal.

FAQ - Promotions and Campaigns:

What are the best sports betting app promotions?

The best sportsbook promo depends on the player and what they are looking for. However, the best ones will offer a good-sized bonus alongside minimal, achievable wagering requirements.

How do I use a sportsbook promo code?

To use a sportsbook promo code for betting promotions, all you need to do is input the code either during sign-up, or when making a deposit. Confirm the code and it will be activated.

Are there good betting promotions for existing customers?

Yes, there are good betting promotions for existing players. These can include cashback bonuses, reload offers, odds boosts, entry into giveaways and competitions, and, of course, reward programs.

Do all sportsbook bonus offers include wagering requirements?

For the most part, betting promotions will always have wagering requirements in place. This is to protect the sports betting site from fraudulent players and prevent money laundering.

Are all sports betting promotions and offers safe to use?

If you choose a reputable online sportsbook, then the betting promotions are safe to use. However, there is no guarantee that you can win when using one.

What kind of restrictions do betting promotions usually have?

Most betting promotions have a series of terms and conditions in place, including specific wagering requirements as well as time frames in which to use them.