The Best Sports Betting Apps

Many sportsbook operators have launched a betting app where you can wager on the go. However, choosing a reliable and legal operator to bet safely on can sometimes be an uphill task. You should check carefully for a secure and secure application that fits your desires, as different players have different tastes. Something that works for one bettor may need to be more exciting to others.

That's why we suggest you look for the top-ranked sports gambling apps on, which is the best place to find sportsbook apps and compare the essential features. This way, you can choose which one is the best for you.
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September 2023
Review 4/5
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The Circa Sportsbook has become one of the most well-known shops in Las Vegas, and the quality app has become a favorite for some of the most popular sports bettors in the world. With football season here, this is a must-have sportsbook to download.

Since online betting has become legal in many US states, many gambling operators have launched their online sites, so there are plenty of options to choose from. This variety of choices might cause bettors to be confused and overwhelmed, but no worries! We are here to help you find the best betting apps to wager on, guaranteeing maximum satisfaction.

TOP10 Apps:

Updated: 01.09.2023
Review 5/5
DraftKings review
Arguably the biggest name in sports betting today, the DraftKings Sportsbook quickly proves why it is one of the most used apps on the market.
Review 5/5
Fanduel review
Originally, FanDuel was designed for fantasy leagues, but nowadays, it also has a full-scale sportsbook. Quality stays the same, and players have found this modern platform excellent.
Review 4/5
Fanatics Sportsbook review
One of the newest names in the sports betting market is currently still in the beta phase but is set to hit the ground running. The product will hit plenty of markets right away since it will take over the licensing that PointsBet sportsbook had.
Review 5/5
Bet99 review
Must have sportsbook for any Canadian bettor looking for great odds and a quality product.
Review 4/5
Betr review
If you enjoy live betting on events, then the Betr Sportsbook is the perfect app to check out, as it is the first micro-betting-specific product on the market.
Review 5/5
Bet365 review
The years of experience in the betting world have made the Bet365 Sportsbooks one of the most quality products on the market that is suitable for any level of sports bettor.
Review 5/5
BetMGM review
There is a reason the BetMGM Sportsbook is one of the most used and downloaded apps in the market. Whether it's strong promotions or just an efficient betting experience, a customer is looking for this product has them covered.
Review 5/5
Fliff review
A first-of-its-kind social sportsbook, Fliff, allows customers to play stress-free or with traditional wagering.
Review 5/5
Caesars Sportsbook review
The self-proclaimed King of Sportsbooks provides customers with a top-notch app that allows for a seamless betting experience.
Review 4/5
SuperBook review
With years of experience in the industry, the SuperBook sportsbook offers quality across the board, whether that be with its live betting function or just being one of the first shops to release odds every day.

How To Rate The Top Betting Apps

Because the gambling industry in the US is growing swiftly, there are plenty of choices for bettors out there, and this variety makes finding out the very best betting apps even more difficult. It's essential to find an application that offers a pleasing interface, many sports to bet on, excellent customer service, and so on.

However, our website's reviews focus on many other areas, which are vital for rating different mobile sportsbook apps. These areas include, for example, the variety of available betting markets, the quality of the odds value-wise, the range of banking options and promotions, the quality of customer service, and overall responsibility and trustworthiness.

All these areas determine the grade for each sportsbook operator, and "the top dogs" can truly deliver in all of these fields. We'll discuss more on these different areas below. However, if you are currently trying to find a good betting site or a sportsbook app, this article can help you to understand the scene deeper.

The aim is simple: We'll point out what you - the bettor - should focus on when looking for a betting app, and hopefully, you can pick the best ones on your own with these guidelines. It's also worth noting that our team of professionals tests each sportsbook featured on our website to determine what these gambling sites can deliver for each type of bettor.

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What Sports Can I Bet On?

Bookmakers must include a remarkable variety of sports, leagues, and sporting events in the selection to ensure the entertainment and satisfaction of their broad customer base. So, each US sportsbook app usually offers extensive wagering options on the most followed American sports and sporting events like football, basketball, baseball, and soccer.

American football is the most prevalent sport for American bettors, so comprehensive betting markets are necessary for every US-based sportsbook app. In fact, half of all sports bets placed in the United States are wagers on the NFL, and therefore, it's no surprise that Superbowl is the most popular annual sports betting event.

However, if (American) football is not your cup of tea, you can always bet on other sports and events like tennis, golf, NBA, NFL, MLB, etc., as every top-notch sportsbook offers a broad spectrum of sports for wagering!

Odds And Betting Options

In addition to the selection of sports, leagues, and sporting events for wagering, there should always be, of course, a wide range of betting options available to be placed. For example, moneylines, spreads, proposition bets, live wagers, quarter and half bets, futures, and totals are all a must for each sportsbook app and betting site. Therefore, an excellent betting platform should always provide various wagering alternatives to succeed.

Live betting is one of the most popular wagering types bettors always want to see on each sportsbook nowadays. In-game wagering allows you to bet on sports events that have already started, and this type of betting suits every individual looking for some additional excitement when watching a particular match or another sporting event. However, it is also highly preferred among professional sports bettors because the odds continually change, giving bettors margins to pull out a winning bet.

Looking for sportsbooks that provide the best possible odds is also best from the bettor's POV. Why? Because it's the betting lines and odds that affect your chances of winning money the most. Sportsbook odds are competitive in every case, as each operator aims to encourage players to wager on their site over others.

Bonuses, Promotions, and Rewards

Different betting offers and promotional deals are vital for the online sportsbook to stand out from the intense competition. These promotions often include risk-free bets, odds boosts, multi-sport parlay insurance, etc. Bonuses and rewards are usually crafted to attract new customers, benefiting thus both the client and the sportsbook operator.

A risk-free bet is one of the most compelling examples of money-worth promotion. This arrangement ensures you get your money back if you lose a placed bet. Usually, the money comes back as site credits that players can use again for additional wagers at the same mobile sportsbook app.

Another type of typical promo is odds boosts. Commonly, these are attached to a particular sporting event. As the name suggests, it boosts the odds, so you can get more value for your wager and, thus, a better payout if you win.

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Customer Service

Eminent gambling operators should provide various channels and ways to contact their customer support, which should answer any queries as quickly as possible. Competition is constantly demanding, so realistic expectations towards service are 24/7 opening hours and response to all questions within minutes.

Most sports betting apps offer email, phone, and live chat support straight through their application or website. The live chat service is for sure the go-to option from these channels, as it delivers the fastest response times. However, email is the best way to go if you need to explain certain problematic situations more comprehensively or send documents or other attachments. Furthermore, all the best online sportsbooks have a page on their site or mobile app with the most frequently asked questions. Some even offer how-to guides on their video library; the more detailed these are, the better.

Responsibility and Trustworthiness 

The rule of thumb is that a secure provider operates responsibly, respectfully, and in and out trustworthy. So, if a sportsbook desires to keep its customers happy, it should take good care of them and offer, for example, direct help for gambling problems.

Some sports betting apps offer a set of social responsibility initiatives like limits or cool-off periods. With the relevant tools, bettors can arrange a money limit on how much they are willing to spend or a time limit that controls the time used in playing sessions. These tools help players to keep playing enjoyable and casually.

For a completely safe experience, a great sportsbook should also own a license regulated by a well-known authority. Moreover, a good track record and popularity also make gambling operators trustworthy in the eyes of their customers.

App's Interface and Ease of Use

Responsiveness, appearance, layout, and stability are essential for a sportsbook application's interface. The top sports betting apps are simultaneously easy to use, stylish, and versatile. Therefore, you should always aim for highly responsive apps, usable by any device and fit well on all screen types - a smartphone, PC, or tablet.

An easy-to-use sports gambling app should also allow you to control your account effortlessly. Some sportsbooks have a filter option that helps sort the betting markets further, and most of them also have a history block that lets you view your leagues and change the information displayed when you click it.

Banking Options

As online sports betting requires real money transfers from each bettor, a good selection of banking methods for deposits and withdrawals is always part of a top-notch mobile sportsbook app. If a betting app doesn't allow money transfers with the user's preferred payment methods, there isn't really any sense in signing up for this particular sportsbook.

The most used transaction methods are online bank transfers, credit and debit cards like Mastercard and Visa, and e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, InstaDebit, etc. However, each mobile sportsbook should always offer more than one of the mentioned above to serve a purpose.

The best sports betting apps payout winnings to their customers quickly after a placed withdrawal request. But this also depends more on the banking method you are using. For example, if you use PayPal, your money will take 24 to 48 hours to arrive in your account. Generally, withdrawals shouldn't take longer than two days to process, and regarding the overall payout time, eWallets are the best option.

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Sports Betting App vs. Desktop Sportsbooks

We talked about the importance of the sportsbook app's interface and ease of use to the overall customer experience. But not all sportsbooks offer a mobile app available on your smartphone, as some sports betting sites only offer a desktop version that can be accessed through all types of devices but only through a web browser.

Depending on the player, most clients want access to playing sessions by sitting on a couch at home. On the other hand, some gamblers prefer the desktop version of a sportsbook because the phone's field of view might be limited. A large screen clears the layout to move around more efficiently.

But which one is better, wagering through a sportsbook app or betting on a desktop version, is a tricky question, as it all depends on a player's preference. A mobile application has more convenience, but the web version offers more clarity, especially with larger screens.

This question is for bettors to decide, and we can't underline the all-mighty rulebook written in stone. Preferences are always personal, and primarily grown markets undoubtedly offer many options for any taste. However, as US sports betting legalization often requires sportsbooks to maintain geo-fencing to block wagering from illegal states, most bets are already based on different mobile apps that provide a chance for this type of locational oversight.

So, in the USA, betting apps are already prevalent amongst bettors, even though the online sports gambling scene hasn't been legal for that long. And as the US market is opening more and more each year, there will definitely be new mobile wagering applications entering the field as well in the future.

Betting On Sports With Real Money

Sports betting is not allowed in all US states, and for example, some states allow online gambling but not wagering on sports. It is always convenient to check if online gambling is legal in your local state, even though the market is steadily opening up in the US.

To bet on sports online, you need to download a sportsbook app to wager in most states, as geo-fencing is usually used to limit mobile gambling within the borders of a particular state. Therefore, these sports betting apps function only in the states that have legalized online betting/gambling.

You can place a wager on almost every sport in the US and bet on all professional leagues worldwide. However, betting on high school, college, or non-sport events in some states is illegal. For example, Nevada and New Jersey specifically restrict wagering on amateur events like high school sports.

Meanwhile, offshore sportsbooks offer lines on high school football games in Texas.

Are Sports Betting Apps Legal In My State?

At this time, the following states have legalized mobile and/or online sports gambling: Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington D.C., West Virginia, and Wyoming.

However, it's vital to remember that sports betting is legal and possible only within the borders of all these states. So, you don't have to be a permanent resident of the state that has legalized sports betting apps, but you still have to be physically in that state to place wagers online.

The US states that might legalize online sports betting soon

California, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, and North Carolina are some US states that may legalize online gambling sometime in 2023 or after. Some of these states have already legalized in-person wagering, but not online sports betting is still illegal for some reason.

There are a lot of variations in what comes to the laws of gambling. We are here to help, but the final judgment about the overall legalization is on the individual. Therefore, each player should always be aware of current gambling restrictions in the state they are staying in. - Only Trusted Apps for Bettors!

For high satisfaction, try to find high-quality sports betting apps with various wagering options, including all the sports and leagues you follow. In addition, the odds should be competitive compared to other sportsbooks. Plenty of withdrawal and deposit options and a vast selection of bonuses, promotions, and other rewards are also critical.

Also, everyone should check if the sportsbook operates with great responsibility and trustworthiness, offers excellent customer service, and has an easy-to-use interface. These are the most important features you should look for on any sportsbook app or site. Of course, trying out many different applications and evaluating each one is challenging and time-consuming, but we guarantee it's finally worth it.

The website is the best place to find trusted, good quality, and best betting apps available. The site reviews and evaluates different trusted sportsbook applications and the operators behind them on your behalf. We also provide all sorts of valuable information regarding these apps and our readers' best bonuses and promotions.

So, if you are just any way, shape, or form interested in mobile sports gambling, this website delivers on all fronts!

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FAQ - Common questions and answers:

Are all sports betting apps legal in the US?

Only fully licensed and regulated gambling operators can offer legal betting apps. If an operator doesn't hold a license from a well-known and respected gambling authority, it is in your best interest not to use them.

How do sports betting apps work?

Sportsbook apps are not hard to use. You need to register an account on their site to be able to bet through the app. Primary functions are similar to a usual gambling website.

What is the best real money betting app right now?

Some of the best and legal sportsbook apps right now are BetMGM Sportsbook App, FanDuel Sportsbook App, Caesars Sports Betting App, PointsBet Sportsbook App, FOX Bet Sportsbook App, Unibet Sportsbook App, etc.

How can I download a betting app for my smartphone?

Firstly, you need to create an account at the sportsbook you want to use. Then, go to the main menu and select Mobile. Choose the 'Download’' option, and press 'Get' to install the app, depending on your type of phone.

How can I know if the sports betting app is trustworthy?

Sportsbook websites should also be reliable and safe to play for sports betting apps to be trustworthy. Check if the gambling site you want to bet on holds a license from an authoritative gambling commission.

Can I win real money with betting apps?

Many operators offer the chance to play free games, but you can also bet with real money if you wish to. Of course, legal sports betting apps allow you to win real money if you place a bet and win, but there is no guarantee that you will win. Remember that most people lose money in the long run with gambling.