A cross-border P2P payment platform, MoneyGram is used to perform online and in-person transactions. While the company that operates the payment method is based in America, it is available in over 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Many online betting sites also accept MoneyGram deposit and withdrawal methods. These top gambling platforms cover a wide range of major and minor sports, including soccer, football, basketball, and hockey. Players can bet on professional and collegiate sporting events at these sites and enjoy good odds, markets, and bonuses.

Continue reading this comprehensive guide to learn the essential points about betting sites that accept this payment method.

Betting sites and apps that accept MoneyGram

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Sportsbooks And MoneyGram - Overview

Initially founded in 1980 as Travelers Express, MoneyGram deals essentially with money orders. However, as time passed, the company merged with Integrated Payment System Inc, a brand based in Denver, Colorado. It was a subsidiary of Integrated Payment Systems until 1998, when Travelers acquired the company.

Operating in more than 200 countries and 380,000 locations worldwide, the payment method is well-known and headquartered in Dallas, Texas. MoneyGram withdrawal is a popular payment method for online betting sites in the online sports betting scene.

Although the banking option is not as popular for depositing and withdrawing winnings at sportsbooks and online casinos in Europe, it does quite well in the US gambling market. The North American bettors love to use the option to perform transactions at their licensed betting sites. The payment operator boasts over 150 million customers and has a downloadable mobile app for iOS and Android devices which can be used to make payments and receive funds.

Conveniently, the in-app money transfer is available to players worldwide. For this reason, this banking method has an excellent reputation in the industry, thanks to its high-end and state-of-the-art technologies to protect customers’ funds while charging reasonable fees.

Deposits and withdrawals using MoneyGram

Wagering on top MoneyGram betting sites is fun and convenient, with an easy deposit and withdrawal process. Processing transactions is moderately fast once the funds are sent. Processing takes around 48 hours for withdrawals, while deposits will see a short delay. Additionally, users are not required to register an account with the payment operator before using it.

Although this payment method has proven to be popular, some deposits may see a short delay. Another downside is the transaction fees ranging from 1 to 4%. The payment method also has iOS and Android apps bettors can use to make payments. Install the app, create an account, link debit/credit cards, and make payments directly from the app.

How to deposit with MoneyGram

  1. Log in to the betting account and click on “Deposit” in the cashier section

  2. Choose MoneyGram as the preferred option and enter the amount you wish to deposit

  3. The betting site will provide you with the necessary information to carry out the transaction

  4. Go to the MoneyGram app or visit a MoneyGram outlet to send funds

  5. Note the reference number and share it with the betting site for them to receive the payment

  6. Once the casino confirms your funds, the deposit amount will reflect in the betting account

Check the Moneygram website for more info.

Safety and trustworthiness

This payment platform is reliable and secure as it uses high-end technologies to ensure that users’ money is safe. Users who send payments using the option get a personal reference number, and the recipient will need this number to pick up the money. Indeed, the shipped funds cannot be picked up unless they send the reference number to a MoneyGram sportsbook.

Besides, since the banking method is not linked to bettors’ bank accounts, the money in their accounts is safe. This option also means players don’t have to share their bank details with a betting site.

With the excellent reputation of the payment operator, safety is assured. That said, bettors should not share the reference number of a transaction with another person except the intended casino after making payment. Also, avoid saving the number where someone else can easily find it.


  • Reliable for sending and receiving payments

  • Uses advanced mechanisms to ensure the safety of customers’ money

  • Lower fees compared to some other banking methods

  • Offers higher limits for deposits and withdrawals


  • The process may be a bit more strenuous than some other options

  • Slow processing, usually hours or days for deposits and withdrawals to reflect

  • Not all betting sites accept MoneyGram

Final verdict - Betting with MoneyGram

Overall, MoneyGram is undoubtedly a suitable payment method to use at online betting sites. With around 80 years of experience in money transfers, it is a safe option that bettors can use to fund and withdraw winnings from their gambling accounts. The banking option is available in over 200 countries, showing its popularity.

Nevertheless, despite the different perks like lower fees and high-end security, MoneyGram is not entirely perfect. The payment process can sometimes be tedious, especially if bettors are in a region where in-app money transfer is unavailable. They will need to visit an outlet to drop off money for the transfer. Impressively, the in-app money transaction is available globally, meaning gamblers worldwide can enjoy a fast and easy payment.

We hope the payment provider will make the option available in every country soon, and this will probably make the payment method even more popular in online sports betting.

MoneyGram - Some commonly asked questions (FAQ):

Is MoneyGram safe to use?

Yes, it is. MoneyGram is a safe payment method thanks to its advanced technologies to secure customers’ funds. When users send a payment, they will be given a reference number, which the recipient can solely use to receive the transfer.

How can I deposit via MoneyGram?

To fund your betting account through MoneyGram, click on the deposit option in your account and choose the payment method. Then follow the instructions provided to complete the transaction.

Are withdrawals with MoneyGram possible?

Yes. MoneyGram is available to withdraw winnings at online betting sites that accept the option. All that is required is to choose the payment method during the payout process.

How many sports betting sites accept MoneyGram payments?

Thousands of sports betting sites accept MoneyGram payments in the US and other places worldwide. To know if a sportsbook provides this payment method, check the site’s banking section.

How fast are the payments with MoneyGram?

Processing of MoneyGram transactions is moderately fast once the bettor sends the funds. For withdrawals, processing takes around 24 hours, while deposits take less.

Is there a MoneyGram app available for mobile devices?

Yes. A MoneyGram mobile app is available for users to download on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. However, this app is not available in all countries.

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