Regarding online sports betting, cryptocurrencies are undoubtedly changing the game. Indeed, Ethereum is among the first top-rated digital currencies to appear in the sports betting industry. This online payment option involves transactions in tokens known as Ether or ETH for short. With it, bettors can place wagers anonymously, unlike with fiat money.

Today, ETH is the second-most preferred crypto used by punters globally, and thus, many sports betting apps and sites accept ETH as a convenient payment option. Moreover, there is a sense of safety that comes with every Ethereum deposit or withdrawal.

Betting sites and apps that accept Ethereum

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Sportsbooks And Ethereum - Overview

Cryptocurrencies have been around for several years, but Ethereum's history traces back to 2015, when Gavin Wood and Vitalik Buterin created it. The virtual currency was launched in July of the same year as open-source software on the blockchain. Today, Ethereum is the second most expensive digital currency in the world.

One of the reasons why most people prefer this payment option is that users can transact anonymously and safely on the internet without leaving a 'paper trail.' Unlike the usual currencies, ETH uses a peer-to-peer system that allows users to send money directly to each other without interference from third parties.

The currency has relatively lower transaction charges compared to several other payment options. As such, ETH tokens are an ideal payment method for punters who want to cash out as much as possible.

Unlike other payment methods nowadays, many bookies process ETH transactions almost immediately. Punters can make an Ethereum withdrawal or deposit through their mobile devices regardless of the underlying operating system. With that said, as a payment solution, ETH is not available in several countries worldwide, including Ireland and Afghanistan.

Deposits and withdrawals using Ethereum

To deposit in ETH, punters must ensure that they have enough Ethereum tokens in their crypto wallet. They can use popular crypto wallets like Coinbase Pro and Gemini, to name a few.

Setting up a wallet is relatively easy, and once it's up and running, a punter can head to an ETH exchange platform such as Binance, to sell or buy tokens using various fiat currencies. These wallets usually come as apps and browser extensions for easy checkouts.

Since the digital currency has a peer-to-peer system, making deposits on an Ethereum betting site is instantaneous. After all, a punter only needs the sportsbook's ETH address. ETH withdrawals are also straightforward and almost immediate. And besides quick transactions, these transactions cost way less than other payment solutions.

How to deposit with ETH

  1. Create an Ethereum wallet: Bettors can download and register with wallets such as Coinbase Pro and Gemini.

  2. Purchase ETH tokens: With the crypto wallet chosen, a bettor can head to any Ethereum exchange to buy these tokens. Often, the tokens will reflect in the crypto wallet immediately after payment is processed.

  3. Set up a wagering account: In this step, bettors can register for a betting account with any reputable Ethereum betting website.

  4. Make a deposit: From the bookie's Banking page, the bettor will be redirected to the ETH wallet selected to make successful deposits.

Safety and trustworthiness

Similar to other virtual currencies, Ethereum sports betting is safe. The fact that it runs on the blockchain makes it hard for intruders to steal any information or money. Further, since all transactions are anonymous, third parties cannot trace ETH transactions, which makes a player's betting life more private.

Most betting sites prefer this payment solution because of its convenience and transparency. Since its launch in July 2015, Ethereum has grown exponentially to heights no one thought of. For the few years it has been in use, the currency has remained reputable and isn't prone to cyber-attacks and interference.

With that said, there are measures that punters can take to ensure the safety of their ETH is catered to. When creating wallets, there is a 12-character phrase issued to keep the account safe, and bettors should keep the phrase offline to avoid unprecedented cyber-attacks. ETH tokens are, of course, quite expensive, and a breach by a third party can be problematic.


  • Faster deposits and withdrawals: Since there is no intermediary, bettors and Ethereum betting sites interact directly, making the process fast.

  • Lower fees: The currency charges lower mining fees when bettors perform various transactions.

  • Privacy and safety: With Ethereum, bettors can transact easily without worrying about their financial protection and privacy.


  • Fewer betting options: Currently, there are fewer Ethereum betting sites than cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

  • Volatility: Just like other digital assets that trade on the blockchain, the value of Ethereum tokens is subject to fluctuation.

  • Unfamiliarity: Most people are still unfamiliar with Ethereum, as it is a new concept to many. The same goes, of course, for other cryptocurrencies.

Final verdict - Betting with ETH

Sports gambling using cryptos is a relatively new concept in the industry, and not many people know that they can place qualifying bets using Ethereum. Those that do can take advantage of various features such as fast transaction speeds and user anonymity. These features make up for the few disadvantages associated with ETH sports betting.

Moreover, players should conduct extensive research to find Ethereum betting sites since they are quite rare worldwide. Some of these betting sites are unregulated, which can be a loophole for con artists and money launderers. However, bettors can ensure the safety of their tokens by only placing wagers on reputable sports betting sites.

In addition, they should keep their login credentials private to prevent unauthorized access to their ETH wallets. Generally, as the second most preferred payment solution among cryptocurrencies, Ethereum is reputable, reliable, and safe to use.

Ethereum - Some commonly asked questions (FAQ):

Is Ethereum safe to use?

If a punter fully comprehends how it works, Ethereum is relatively safe to use. In addition, ETH ensures anonymity in online transactions.

How can I deposit via Ethereum?

To fund a sports betting account using Ethereum, bettors must have a crypto wallet. Using the crypto wallet, a punter can deposit these tokens using the bookie's ETH address.

Are withdrawals with Ethereum possible?

Yes, bettors can withdraw their winnings in Ethereum tokens—and it's instantaneous. However, for one to cash out in ETH, they must also have staked in ETH.

How many sports betting sites accept Ethereum payments?

Many bettors prefer using Ethereum because of its anonymity. As such, several sports betting sites accept ETH payments in different countries.

How fast are the payments with Ethereum?

The digital currency uses a peer-to-peer system to eliminate intermediaries in making transactions. Therefore, making deposits and withdrawals using Ethereum can be relatively fast.

Is there a Ethereum app available for mobile devices?

Yes, there are several ETH wallet apps, such as Free Wallet for Android and iOS. Bettors can use these apps to purchase, sell or hold Ethereum tokens.

Other payment methods: