Digital wallets are taking the online banking system by storm. As one of the reputable few, PayPal is globally recognized and used by dozens of online gambling and betting sites. Sportsbooks in different countries allow customers to deposit and withdraw winnings via this digital wallet.

A PayPal deposit is usually instant if the player has enough funds to complete the transaction and cover any charges. Withdrawals are quick as well, but this depends on individual betting sites. Some sportsbooks have up to 48 hours pending period. Nonetheless, this digital wallet is one of the safest to use.

Betting sites and apps that accept PayPal

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Sportsbooks And PayPal - Overview

This digital wallet has been operating with millions of active user accounts since 1998. Its history with online gaming isn't long, but hundreds of sportsbooks have it as a reliable payment gateway.

Notably, the company behind the e-wallet is PayPal Holdings Incorporation, an American multinational financial organization. This company operates in different countries where online banking is considered legal. In October 2002, eBay bought the digital wallet for $1.5 billion, and since then, tens of merchants have added it to their list of payment methods.

And since the service was fast and cost-efficient, online sportsbooks weren't left behind. More people got on board, and as the internet tightened its grip on consumers, the e-wallet became available in different countries. Most bookies in states where online money transfers are legal include the digital wallet as one of their payment options. Such countries include the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, and India, to name a few.

More sports betting sites have embraced the service, allowing customers to fund their accounts quickly. In most sportsbooks, a PayPal withdrawal is also available, and just like in deposits, the process is straightforward.

Deposits and withdrawals using PayPal

Instant deposits and speedy withdrawals are some of PayPal's trademarks. Players can easily fund their accounts on any PayPal betting platform by providing their wallet's email address and password, which means punters must open a user account with the online payment service to use it.

After authorizing a deposit transaction, the money immediately reflects on a bettor's account. Interestingly, there are no deposit charges here. As for withdrawals, the process is even more straightforward because all a player must provide their wallet address.

However, some sportsbooks charge small fees on withdrawals. So, players must ensure that the balance is enough to cover the withdrawal amount and any charges. Away from that, punters will find PayPal's mobile app on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

How to deposit with PayPal

  1. Create a PayPal account: Users should visit PayPal's official website and open a personal PayPal account.

  2. Fund the account: With the account up and running, the next thing is to deposit some money. Users can send money directly to the Paypal account or link a bank account/credit card to the e-wallet. If they link a bank or card, PayPal will allow them to send money directly from their bank account.

  3. Make a deposit to the betting site: From the list of banking options on the betting site, the bettor should choose PayPal, provide their wallet address and authorize the transaction.

Safety and trustworthiness

Besides providing quick cash-ins and cash-outs, PayPal adds an extra layer of security to online betting. The digital wallet never shares a user's banking details with betting sites, which ensures that a player's bank account information is not available online, at least not at the e-wallet's disposal.

Further, the company doesn't share customer details with third parties, and its official website is integrated with SSL encryption algorithms. With these, user data remains protected from potential intruders. However, punters should avoid using public Wi-Fi connections when making deposits on PayPal betting sites. It's easier for intruders to steal the user's login information from a shared internet connection.

In addition, they should embrace two-factor authentication, an extra security measure that prevents unauthorized access to their account. Finally, while the company tries to keep users safe, bettors should also strive to stay safe by keeping their login credentials private.


  • PayPal is free: PayPal deposits and withdrawals are always free. Fees are charged to the casino, not the players

  • Fast transactions: PayPal deposits are always instant, while withdrawals take a maximum of 48 hours, depending on the sportsbook.

  • Secure: This digital wallet ensures the safety of funds at all times.


  • A popular target for phishing and scams: As an online payment, PayPal is exposed to scammers, and users can easily fall prey to such people.

  • Not all betting sites accept PayPal: Despite being successful in the online betting space, not all sportsbooks accept PayPal payments.

Final verdict - Betting with PayPal

When picking the best payment method in the online betting world, PayPal remains one of the top options on the list. Using it is quick and straightforward, and all transactions are equally so. The digital wallet is available in multiple countries, and many online sportsbooks allow players to use it for deposits and withdrawals.

Further, the e-wallet is free, with no charges when used at online sportsbooks. However, some betting operators charge small processing fees, especially for withdrawals.

For mobile bettors, PayPal is available as well. Users can even use the mobile application compatible with all modern smartphones and tablets, and the app is on par with the wallet's desktop version. Therefore, security measures are stringent on mobile, just like the web platform.

However, since digital wallets are a significant target for intruders, users should always be vigilant not to fall prey to scammers and fraudsters.

PayPal - Some commonly asked questions (FAQ):

Is PayPal safe to use?

Yes, PayPal uses robust security systems to safeguard all customer information, including the latest SSL encryption technology. In addition, the company doesn't share any information with third parties.

How can I deposit via PayPal?

To deposit via this e-wallet, bettors should open an account on the digital wallet's official website and fund it. After that, they should log into their betting accounts, choose PayPal from the options and start the transaction.

Are withdrawals with PayPal possible?

Yes, players can cash out their winnings via PayPal; all they need to do is choose the wallet from the available withdrawal options.

How many sports betting sites accept PayPal payments?

In most countries where online sports betting is legal, dozens of bookies accept PayPal payments, and a few still don't, so players must check banking options before signing up.

How fast are the payments with PayPal?

All payments via PayPal are instant, so the withdrawals are swift and straightforward. However, some online sportsbooks may delay these transactions during KYC verification procedures.

Is there a PayPal app available for mobile devices?

Yes, a downloadable PayPal mobile application is available for Android and iOS devices, and users can download them from the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Other payment methods: