Currently, digital currencies are taking the global betting industry by storm. In the modern decentralized finance (Defi) age, many bookies are integrating blockchain into their offerings. Bitcoin is one of the first-ever cryptocurrencies created worldwide that runs on blockchain technology, and it is an online payment method that involves fungible tokens known as BTC.

The payment method is becoming a popular option for online sports bettors, thanks to the anonymity and safety of every bitcoin deposit and withdrawal. Consequently, many sports betting operators now accept BTC as one of their accepted currencies.

Betting sites and apps that accept Bitcoin

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Sportsbooks And Bitcoin - Overview

As a virtual currency, BTC was created in 2008 by an anonymous individual with the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. In 2009, the owner released its implementation as open-source software, after which people began using it. Today, it is the world's best-known and most expensive digital currency.

Moreover, it allows BTC owners to transact safely and anonymously on the internet. Unlike regular currencies, bitcoin employs a peer-to-peer system that enables people to transfer cash directly without third-party interference.

Further, BTC has lower transaction fees than several other payment methods, and it is the perfect payment method for bettors looking to cash out as much as possible. Besides, a majority of sportsbooks now process Bitcoin withdrawal transactions immediately. Since it's a virtual payment method, players can make faster deposits and withdrawals using computers and smartphones.

As such, bettors are no longer limited to credit cards and banks with restrictions on online betting. Additionally, since it runs on the blockchain, BTC is quite reputable and safe when placing bets online today.

Despite all these strengths, the payment method is not available for sports betting in countries such as Ireland. Because of Bitcoin's anonymity, such countries perceive it as a potential money laundering platform.

Deposits and withdrawals using Bitcoin

First, bettors must have a Bitcoin wallet to transact in BTC. Wallets such as Exodus, Electrum, and Coinbase are well-known for keeping BTC tokens safe and easily accessible.

What's more, setting up any of these wallets is pretty straightforward. With an active wallet, a bettor can head to BTC exchanges to buy or sell their bitcoins in various currencies. The best thing is that these wallets come as browser extensions or apps, which allow easy checkouts.

Since BTC uses a peer-to-peer system to make payments, deposits done through BTC are almost instant. Moreover, it is easy to make deposits and withdrawals since a bettor will need the bookie's BTC address.

Besides the fast cashing in and out, transactions cost less than other payment methods. Therefore, bitcoin betting is one of the easiest ways of maximizing payouts.

How to deposit with BTC

  1. Create a Bitcoin wallet: Crypto wallets such as Electrum, Exodus, and Coinbase are perfect examples of what bettors need. They can download one and complete the process of registration.

  2. Set up a betting account: Punters can then visit any reputable bitcoin betting site and register for an account by providing.

  3. Make the first deposit: The bettor can now return to their BTC wallet and transfer the bitcoins they need for betting.

Safety and trustworthiness

Like other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoins are safe to use, and furthermore, the digital currency leaves no "paper trail" that allows third parties to track the transactions. As such, Bitcoin betting sites prefer this type of payment because of the transparency and convenience involved.

Since its inception in 2008, BTC has kept scaling heights that few payment methods can match. This ascent is primarily because the currency has remained reputable and is not prone to cyber-attacks or other interference.

Unfortunately, players are the masters regarding their safety, so Bitcoins cannot fully protect a punter's money if they fail to keep their credentials private. When creating a bitcoin wallet, users usually get a 12-character phrase for extra safety. It is advisable to keep this phrase offline to safeguard it from incidences of leakage that can lead to cyberattacks. BTCs are not cheap, so even a minor breach could be catastrophic.


  • Fast deposits and withdrawals: Speed is essential when using bitcoins to wager since BTC prices constantly fluctuate.

  • Better betting promotional offers: BTC betting sites usually offer certain rewards designed explicitly for Bitcoin bets.

  • Reliability: It gets harder to make payments using traditional methods as time passes. Bitcoins are reliable when a bettor needs to make time-based bets like prop bets.

  • Safety: Betting with BTC allows bettors to worry less about their online safety.


  • Value fluctuation: The value of Bitcoins, just like other cryptocurrencies, usually fluctuates by the minute.

  • More currency conversion fees: Depending on the value of Bitcoin at the time of conversion into fiat, bettors could incur more expenses.

  • Irreversible: When it comes to Bitcoins, every transaction made is final. There are no refund policies.

Final verdict - Betting with BTC

Like everything, Bitcoin sports betting has its upsides and downsides, as discussed in this piece. Since it runs on the BTC blockchain, payments done in Bitcoins are pretty safe and more convenient than traditional methods. Moreover, making deposits and withdrawals is relatively fast as well.

On the other hand, the value of Bitcoins is constantly fluctuating, which means that bettors could end up with lesser cash than expected if the prices drop at the time of conversion. It is each player's decision on when it is the best time to make deposits and place wagers using Bitcoins or not.

Notably, bettors can make informed choices in this regard with the knowledge of how BTC works. Most importantly, bettors should only place bets in Bitcoin when its value is in their favor. Otherwise, it could lead to disappointments when it's time to convert the coins to fiat.

Bitcoin - Some commonly asked questions (FAQ):

Is Bitcoin safe to use?

Yes, the payment method is relatively safe, especially if a bettor understands how it works because Bitcoin runs on the BTC blockchain, which does not leave any trail of where payments are headed.

How can I deposit via Bitcoin?

To deposit via BTC, one must have a bitcoin wallet like Coinbase or Exodus, and the bettor only has to enter the bookie’s BTC address through the crypto wallet.

Are withdrawals with Bitcoin possible?

Yes, withdrawals with Bitcoin are pretty straightforward. In fact, sportsbooks will always guide bettors on how to do it – and the cash-out process is instant.

How many sports betting sites accept Bitcoin payments?

As it is, dozens of sports betting sites accept payments in BTC. However, the number may be less in countries such as Ireland, which view Bitcoin as a gateway to money laundering.

How fast are the payments with Bitcoin?

In most cases, Bitcoin payments are instant. Once a punter provides a valid BTC address and authorizes the transaction, the money reflects in their sportsbook account immediately.

Is there a Bitcoin app available for mobile devices?

Yes, both Android and iOS users have several Bitcoin wallet apps available. Punters can download and install them on their gaming devices, then log into their accounts.

Other payment methods: