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Few states remain without any semblance of a sports betting bill, and entering 2024, Missouri is one of those states. Despite countless attempts to get a bill passed, legislative efforts have continually failed. On a positive note, the state is expected to continue trying, so the sports betting drought could be ending within the near future in MO.

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All legal ways to bet on in Missouri

Is online sports betting legal in Missouri?No
Is in-person sports betting legal?No
Is daily fantasy sports legal?Yes
Is betting on college sports legal?No
Is horse racing betting legal?No
Is greyhound betting legal?No
Is political betting legal?No
Is eSports betting legal?No

With no sports betting bill in action, Missouri bettors are not legally able to bet on any sport. However, they do have an alternative option until a bill can get passed, and that is daily fantasy sports apps. Back in 2016, the state passed the Missouri Fantasy Consumer Protection Act, which allowed for DFS products to obtain licenses to operate.

Since then, the state has welcomed eight DFS operators into the market, including Underdog, OwnersBox, DraftKings, FanDuel, and more. Social sportsbooks are also authorized to operate, which means residents of the Show Me State also have access to the Fliff Sportsbook. This remains the extent of gambling in MO since betting on horse races is also illegal.

Online sports betting in The Show-Me State

The motivation and support for a sports betting bill to be passed in Missouri has been sky-high for years, yet entering 2024, the Show Me State remains one of the few states without sports betting legislation. Bills regarding sports betting have been making their presence known in legislative sessions since 2018, but due to some major disagreements about the exact rules and regulations of these bills, they have consistently fallen short.

On paper, the state would be fully prepared to launch both online and retail sports betting whenever a bill is passed. With 13 casinos spread across MO that fully support the legalization, along with the professional sports teams in the state that are also pushing for sports betting, Missouri would be able to welcome plenty of big-name online operators.

Like most years dating back to 2018, there are already multiple prepared for the 2024 legislative session, but the volume of bills coming in isn’t the problem, it’s the literature inside the bills that remains the issue.

The earning potential is there for all sides that would be involved with legalized sports betting, but the 2023 legislative sessions in the state were a good example of why a deal has to be made. Senator Denny Hoskins blocked any sports betting bill that made progress during the session, even though he is actually in support of legalized sports betting.

Hoskins believes that video lottery terminals are a form of gambling, so they should be taxed and included in any sports betting bill that is presented. The Senator also believes that the casinos have too much say in the proposed tax rate. Discussions on sports betting have resumed for 2024, but with 2023’s discussions ending with filibusters, it is hard to imagine the sides coming to an agreement.

Sports betting & gambling legislation in MO

Residents can still enjoy daily fantasy sports apps and social sportsbooks while they hope lawmakers can finally reach an agreement. Outside of those options, though, the gambling scene in Missouri is dryer than the desert, as online casinos, online poker, and even the lottery are outlawed.

It’s likely that most, if not all, of the aforementioned markets will be included in the next gambling bills that enter legislative sessions. As of right now, those bills are SB 824 and SB 852, which are the latest bills to be proposed during the 2024 legislative session.

Even with 2023’s legislative session ending with no momentum, the fact that the state keeps trying is a good sign. It is also positive that local sports teams in the state support the passing of a ball, as twelve new ballot initiatives, including four from local sports organizations, were approved for circulation before the 2024 legislative season. These initiatives aim to gather signatures and garner support for legalizing sports betting in the state.

Are online casinos legal in Missouri?No
Are retail casinos legal?No
Are social sportsbooks legal?Yes
Are sweepstakes/social casinos legal?Yes
Is online poker legal?No
Is the lottery legal?No
The launch date of sports betting in Missouri?TBD
How many legal sports betting apps are there in MO?0
How many legal retail betting sites are there in MO?0
Is remote registration allowed?No
Legal age for sports betting in Missouri?-
Missouri's tax rate for betting/gambling winnings-
Who regulates sports betting in Missouri?-

Most recent updates from the MO sports betting & gambling scene

  • January 3, 2024: The state’s new legislative session has begun, and there are two sports betting bills on the table, SB 824 and SB 852.

  • December 8, 2023: Missouri lawmakers and professional sports teams keep pushing for sports betting legalization. Twelve new ballot initiatives, including four from local sports organizations, have been approved for circulation before the next legislative season. These initiatives aim to gather signatures and garner support for legalizing sports betting in the state.

  • November 22, 2023: A coalition backed by Missouri professional sports teams spearheads sports betting legalization efforts. They have put forth eight ballot questions for voter consideration, which aim to legalize retail and mobile sports betting with a 10% betting tax.

  • September 11, 2023: Missouri's Secretary of State, John Ashcroft, is reviewing four petitions submitted by attorney Alixandra Cossette of Stinson LLP. These petitions all pertain to the legalization of sports betting in Missouri and propose the same rules. If approved, sports betting in the state could commence by December 31, 2025.

  • March 21, 2023: The Missouri House of Representatives has passed House Bill 556, which seeks to legalize sports betting in the state. This bipartisan-supported bill allows for both retail and online sports wagering. However, it still requires a formal roll call vote in the House and final confirmation by the State Senate to become law.

In-person sports betting sites and locations

Casinos are present throughout Missouri, in fact, there are currently 13 in operation across the state. Many of these casinos have played a major role in the creation of sports betting bills for MO since the legalization of sports betting would only improve their business. A majority of the sports betting bills would allow casinos to partner with three online operators.

While Missouri legalized horse racing in the 1980s, it is only legal if it is conducted at a race track, so the fact that MO does not have any racetrack defeats the purpose of its legalization.

Sports betting in neighboring states

Missouri shares borders with eight states, to be exact, and only one of them doesn’t offer legalized sports betting. Oklahoma is the lone state without a sports betting bill, so at the very least, residents of legal gambling age in MO can venture into seven neighboring states and find some form of sports betting.

To get the full picture of what each state has to offer, you can click on the name down below to find out more.

StateOnline sports bettingRetail sports bettingDFSHorse Race betting
OklahomaIllegalLegal (restricted)LegalLegal

What’s next for MO betting apps?

There has been continuous momentum toward legalizing sports betting in MO since 2019. That momentum looks to be prevalent again heading into 2024, with two sports betting bills already prepared for the state's yearly legislative session. The support of online operators, casinos, and in-state professional sports teams has been there for quite a while. It all comes down to whether or not the nitty-gritty details of a bill can be agreed upon.

Until the bills are discussed and residents get a better picture of how close the two sides are to an agreement, they can continue to utilize the numerous DFS products that are regulated by the state.

Potential sports betting revenue impact on Missouri’s economy

With nothing to show for in Missouri except countless bills thrown to the waste side during legislative sessions, we do not have any statistics or data regarding revenue for sports betting in the Show Me State. It is expected that when a bill does get passed, both online and retail sports betting will be available to bettors, so between that and the support of local professional sports teams, it’s easy to assume that MO would produce strong monthly numbers for handle and revenue.

All states are different, so there is no way to draw a direct comparison with another surrounding state, but for reference, in their most recent monthly revenue report, Tennessee made $49.5 million, Kentucky made $54.5 million, and Kansas made $30.9 million.

When comparing states, Missouri is similar too in terms of population, it is no surprise many different parties remain motivated to get the job done. Indiana and Maryland have the closest population to MO, and both states saw over $500 million in handle and $37 million in revenue in their most recent revenue reports.

Missouri - Some commonly asked questions (FAQ):

What is the legal status of sports betting in MO?

The effort and energy have been there, but Missouri has remained unable to pass a legal sports betting bill. Daily fantasy apps are the closest thing residents of the state have to sports gambling.

Which of Missouri’s neighboring states has been the most profitable from legal sports betting?

Missouri has eight bordering states, but Tennesee has gained the most profit from sports betting. The Volunteer State is one of a handful that has made over $1 billion in revenue.

What is the most significant sports-related achievement in Missouri?

Most recently, the most significant achievement from a pro sports team in Missouri would have to be the Kansas City Chiefs winning their third Super Bowl title since 2020.

How many MLB MVPs have played in MO?

The St. Louis Cardinals have had 21 players win the MVP award in the history of the franchise.