Arkansas Sports Betting Apps

Arkansas (AR)

The Natural State was one of the first states in the US to legalize sports betting. In-person sports wagering started immediately after legalization, but online gambling had to wait a little longer. The first online sportsbook in AR launched in 2019, offering a wide range of sports to bet on.

Toward the end of 2021, the Arkansas Racing Commission made significant steps to authorize online sports wagering. But to this day, most Arkansas sports betting activities still happen in person. However, we are confident that more people will embrace online sports wagering.

Legal and licensed apps:

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Arvostelu 5/5
+21 only | T&C apply | Gamble responsibly
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Online Sports Betting in Arkansas

Online sports betting apps in Arkansas went live anytime in 2022. In December 2021, the Arkansas Racing Commission laid some rules and regulations to help manage sports wagering in the state. However, approval from the legislative subcommittee was needed for bettors to do online legal sports betting in the state, and they were able to get it.

In November 2021, the commission's officials hinted that the subcommittee's approval could come anytime in early 2022, which it did. The Racing Commission's rules propose a favorable taxation structure, which will benefit both bettors and the state.

Bettors can still download the apps from bookies in Arkansas and place wagers easily. Due to the 51% rule, which states the in-state casino must receive 51% of the profits from their partnered sportsbook, many of the top sportsbooks on the market, like BetMGM, have refused to launch within the state.

Aside from casino-partnered sportsbooks, bettors can take advantage of in-person legal sports betting in AR. As it is today, the state has three different sportsbooks for in-person wagering fans. However, 2023 brings new hope for online sports betting in Arkansas.

Sports Betting Legislation in AR

The State of Arkansas legalized sports gambling in 2018 and has licensed three casinos for in-person betting. Voters in the State approved a constitutional amendment, with 54% voting; yes, which allowed the State to expand the range of betting activities in the three casinos. Today, bettors can walk into any of the casinos, bet on their favorite sports and go away with their winnings freely.

In April 2021, Rep. Johnson Lee introduced House Bill 1942, which allowed online sports wagering. Later, in November, the Racing Commission voted to publish several rules governing online sports betting in AR. The public was then given 30 days to issue comments on the same.

However, the commission’s proposals must go through an approval process by a joint legislative subcommittee. With the pending approval by the subcommittee, bettors can expect more casinos and online betting sites by the end of 2023.


The rules and restrictions for betting in the state of Arkansas are very similar to most states, with the biggest emphasis being on the legal gambling age.

Bettors in the state of Arkansas must be 21 years or older in order to place a legal wager. All rules are enforced by the Arkansas Racing Commission.

Licensing and Taxes

The licensing fee for sportsbooks to apply for a license in the state is $250,000, which is fairly common among other states' licensing fees.

When it comes to taxes, there is a 13% tax on the first $150 million in net gaming receipts each month. There is a 20% tax on net gaming receipts that exceed $150 million dollars as well.

In-Person Sports Betting In Arkansas

The legalization of in-person sports betting in Arkansas allowed for the expansion of Southland Racing Corporation and Oakland Jockey Club. Since then, bettors in Memphis and Little Rock have had the chance to enjoy in-person sports wagering. Nonetheless, the state still has one more license to grant an eligible casino applicant, mainly in either Jefferson County or Pope County.

Additionally, the gambling regulations in the state require that no minor is allowed to bet in any of the casinos. The legal gambling age in AR is 21, even for online betting. That’s why these casinos will require you to show proof of age before being allowed into their establishments. Notably, following the sports gambling legalization, bookmakers in the state expanded their scope of gaming activities. You can now walk into any of the gambling establishments and bet on NFL, NBA, and college games without restrictions.

Sports Betting In Neighboring States

Since the legalization of sports gambling in AR was a lengthy process, bettors opted for offshore operators in neighboring states for their online sports gambling needs. But among Arkansas' neighboring states, only Tennessee and Mississippi offer online sports betting. Notably, even in-person sports betting in the two states are legal.

For online bettors, BetMGM and DraftKings are available in both states. And arguably, these two are among the leading US sports betting sites. Therefore, they earn lots of revenue for MS and TN. In retrospect, AR can learn a thing or two from this and make haste in approving the proposals made by ARC.

Very respected sportsbooks such as Caesars and FanDuel also operate in AR's neighboring states, and because of their high reputation, we recommend them for players.

How profitable has sports betting been in Arkansas?

Sports betting in Arkansas has been legal since July 2019, but due to the state's betting rules and laws, it has only made a little over $40 million dollars in revenue up to this point. Here we'll take a look at the states' monthly numbers for handle, revenue, and tax income.

  • September 2023:

    • Sports betting handle: $41m

    • Revenue: $4.02m

    • Tax Income: $523,414

  • August 2023: Handle: $22.5m, Revenue: $2.07m, Tax Income: $217,560

  • July 2023: Handle: $17.5m, Revenue: $2.07m, Tax Income: $270,065

  • June 2023: Handle: $22.7m, Revenue: $1.33m, Tax Income: $266,995

  • May 2023: Handle: $22.7m, Revenue: $2.29m, Tax Income: $458,656

  • April 2023: Handle: $25.4m, Revenue: $2.33m, Tax Income: $349,633

  • March 2023: Handle: $37.4m, Revenue: $4.2m, Tax Income: $626,042

  • February 2023: Handle: $29.5m, Revenue: $1.7m, Tax Income: $254,925

  • January 2023: Handle: $32.9m, Revenue: $2.8m, Tax Income: $439,379


  • December 2022: Handle: $30.9m, Revenue: $3.4m, Tax Income: $449,690

  • November 2022: Handle: $30.5m, Revenue: $2.9m, Tax Income: $452,393

  • October 2022: Handle: $26.8m, Revenue: $2.7m, Tax Income: $363,183

  • September 2022: Handle: $21.1m, Revenue: $3.2m, Tax Income: $417,044

  • August 2022: Handle: $10.1m, Revenue: $1.01m, Tax Income: $131,994

  • July 2022: Handle: $9.2m, Revenue: $854,436, Tax Income: $111,077

  • June 2022: Handle: $12.6m, Revenue: $4,054, Tax Income: $12,598

  • May 2022: Handle: $10.1m, Revenue: $615,576, Tax Income: $117,426

  • April 2022: Handle: $8.5m, Revenue: $749,810, Tax Income: $120,297

  • March 2022: Handle: $10.6m, Revenue: $791,867, Tax Income: $119,671

  • February 2022: Handle: $5.8m, Revenue: $359,103, Tax Income: $61,390

  • January 2022: Handle: $8.7m, Revenue: $1.1m, Tax Income: $153,574

What is legal to bet on in Arkansas?

As it is now, there are no restrictions in terms of the sports you can wager on in Arkansas. Provided that a betting market is available in any bookies, you can bet on it in person. So, punters are at liberty to bet on all needs that include NHL, NFL, NBA, and MLB.

Here is a list of the wagering markets you should expect in both land-based and online bookmakers in AR.

  1. National Basketball Association (NBA) — This is where you can wager on anything basketball; for example, college basketball and WNBA.

  2. National Hockey League (NHL) — You will find hockey odds for land-based and ice-hockey tournaments in this market.

  3. National Football Leagues (NFL) — For the lover of Football (SuperBowl).

  4. NASCAR — This is the market with all motorsport odds.

  5. Major League Baseball (MLB) — where you will find baseball odds.

Gambling news and updates from Arkansas

  • June 26, 2023: The Arkansas gaming commission has approved 17 new betting markets that bettors will be able to wager on soon. These markets include cornhole, lacrosse, beach volleyball, bowling, and more.

  • April 25, 2023: Sports betting handle in the state hits an all-time high in the month of March at $37.4 million dollars.

  • March 20, 2023: Income tax from sports betting in the state is reaching all-time highs, with the usage of mobile sports betting increasing by the month.

  • February 25, 2023: Mobile sports betting in the state continues to rise as the state reaches a new record in sports betting handle in the month of January.

How do mobile sportsbook apps work in Arkansas?

Now that online sports betting is legal in Arkansas, you can bet on your favorite sports games and leagues. To do so, you should visit any of the sportsbooks available in AR and create an account. If you choose either Betly or BetSaracen, you'll enjoy a variety of sports betting markets. These include football, baseball, and basketball, to name a few.

Notably, you should create an account with either of the bookies to bet on the available sports. The process is simple since you must visit the bookie's official website and fill out the registration form. After that, you'll need to verify your identity, after which you're good to go.

As time rolls on, more mobile sportsbook apps will be added to the state, but this process will take some time. Due to the 51% rule in the state, major sportsbooks like DraftKings and Caesers may not be added for some time. FanDuel and DraftKings are only available for daily fantasy sports within the state.

Overall, betting apps run by state casinos work in a similar way. Once you have an active account, it's easy to top up and bet on your favorite sports. Below is a detailed guide on how to get started.

Getting started - Step-by-step

Currently, betting apps available in Arkansas are casino-partnered apps. As such, not knowing how to get the applications for your betting pleasures is entirely understandable. Getting one and using it is simple, as we’ll see in this step-by-step guide.

  1. Sign up. Visit the bookmaker’s official website and sign up for a wagering account; if the bookie requires you to provide KYC (Know Your Client) proof to verify your age, do so.

  2. Download the preferred sports betting app. To get the app on your device, head to the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) and download it. Also, you can download the App from the website. Your download should start immediately if your device has sufficient storage.

  3. Make a deposit — fund your account. With the app installed, link it with your preferred payment method and make your first deposit.

  4. Claim offered bonuses / free bets. Take advantage of any welcome bonuses and free bets on offer to increase your winnings.

  5. Place your bets. Navigate through sections in-app and place wagers.

Bonuses and AR sports betting offers

Residents should expect sportsbooks and bookmakers in Arkansas to offer various promotions and welcome bonuses. However, all bonuses usually require some form of betting requirements. As with any app, ensure you read the Terms and Conditions before you opt-in.

The most common types of bonuses include:

  1. Initial deposit match — A bookie promises, for example, to match up 100 percent of your first deposit.

  2. Risk-free bet — Where the bookmaker refunds a new account holder, they lose their first bet.

  3. Welcome bonuses — Where the bookmaker awards you credits just for registering with them. Existing players are usually offered promos in terms of loyalty rewards, parlay insurance, and odds boost in certain sports.

Payment methods for depositing

Arkansas residents can now make deposits and withdrawals in casino-partnered sports betting sites safely and efficiently. Bookmakers such as Betly and BetSaracen allow the residents to use the most popular methods of payment conveniently. Such include PayPal, bank transfers, and credit and debit cards. Excitingly, all are safe, secure, and easy to use. Moreover, flexibility perfectly defines their way of operation.

Some banking options, such as credit and debit cards, are only suitable for depositing funds. Thus, the bookmakers will demand an alternative payment method every time you need to withdraw your winnings.

Trusted Arkansas sports betting mobile apps in 2023

Sadly, not all sports betting mobile apps in Arkansas are the most common names on the market. That is why we constantly review available apps to ensure that we recommend only those that you can trust. Our team of professionals analyzes everything, including the bookmaker’s betting licenses, support quality, and payment methods. Our system helps in gauging the bookie’s trustworthiness and reliability.

If the state finally does away with the 51% rule, you can expect these AR sports betting apps pretty much immediately:

  • Caesars 

    — It is a branch of one of the largest wagering companies in the world. The bookie has partnered with River Valley Casino, located in Russellville. Since 1996, this bookie has been working to offer the best sports betting services in the US.

  • DraftKings 

    — The bookie is known for its thrilling Daily Fantasy Sports markets. Even though it has been operational in the US for a few years, DraftKings has built a good reputation. The bookie officials were present at the Arkansas Racing Commission’s meeting convened in December 2021.

  • FanDuel 

    — This is yet another Daily Fantasy Sports provider, founded in 2009. It has since morphed into a fully-fledged betting company with millions of users. Notably, FanDuel partnered with IGT, which powers all operations at Saracen Casino resort and Southland Casino Racing.

Arkansas (AR) - Some commonly asked questions (FAQ):

Is sports betting legal in Arkansas?

Yes, online sports betting has been approved as the joint legislative subcommittee mandated to approve the proposals made by the Arkansas Racing Commission has done so.

What sportsbook apps are there available in AR?

Currently, online wagering within AR is permitted and bookies are still waiting for the state's subcommittee’s to do away with the 51% rule. However, the operators that partnered with in-state casinos have already launched like Betly and BetSaracen.

How does online sports betting work in Arkansas?

Currently, only casino sports wagering has the committee’s approval. Bettors in the state of AR can visit physical locations for in-person sports betting. Additionally, they are free to install casino-partnered online betting apps to place wagers.

Who regulates sports betting in AR?

All kinds of gambling, including sports betting, in AR is regulated by the Arkansas Racing Commission. ARC is thus responsible for enforcing gambling related regulations, collecting taxes and establishing the rules for the online sports betting landscape.

What sports can I bet on in Arkansas?

Arkansas and its neighbors have a wide range of sports for bettors to wager on. Even though currently online sports betting is illegal in AR, bettors can still bet in person on their favorite sports, such as NHL, NFL, MLB, Horse racing and NASCAR.

Can I sign up for multiple sports betting apps in AR?

Certainly yes, you can. As with all states where sports betting is legal, Arkansas residents are free to sign up on several bookies. Currently, the state has no regulations on the number of applications you can register on.