Boom Fantasy

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  • Nice selection of daily contests to choose from
  • Easy to navigate and quality app
  • Big payout opportunities

With three different short-term contests, the Boom Fantasy app allows users to choose their own path when it comes to how challenging and rewarding their DFS entries will be.

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DFS only | 18+ (19+ or 21+ where required) | DFS available in all US states excluding AL, AZ, CO, CT, DE, HI, ID, IN, IA, LA, MD, MS, MO, MT, BV, NJ, NY, OH, PA, TN, VT, VA, WA, & WV | T&C Apply | Please gamble responsibly.

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Boom Fantasy Bonus Offer and Promo Codes

Summary of Boom Fantasy Promo Codes

  • Bonus: No Sweat First Entry Up to $100

  • No promo code is required!

  • Minimum first entry of $10

  • Available in all states in which the product is legal

There are plenty of avenues that DFS apps can take when it comes to new customer promotions, one of them being risk-free first entries, which is what new users receive when signing up for the Boom Fantasy app. As long as a customer's first entry is for at least $10, they will receive a free entry of equal stake up to $100 if their first entry loses. If a customer's first entry wins, then they can proceed with those winnings and will not be eligible for a free entry.

All of the rules and guidelines laid out for this promotion are pretty much identical to a risk-free bet from a sportsbook. The nice part for new customers is they can test out the app without having to worry about blowing their entire bankroll on their first entry when they’re not sure if they enjoy the product.

While this promotion may not build bankroll like a deposit match would, we would still encourage DFS fans to take advantage of the offer and use it as a test run into one of the contests that the product offers. If a customer loses their first entry but is successful with the bonus entry, the winnings of that entry will be subject to a playthrough requirement which is commonplace for a majority of promos in the industry.

Sign Up on Boom Fantasy

DFS fans can quickly begin enjoying the Boom Fantasy app, as the process of creating an account takes no time at all.

  1. Download the app from either the App Store or Google Play Store.

  2. Select Sign-Up and begin the process by either entering your email or phone number.

  3. If using email, enter the email address and create a password.

  4. Create a username and enter a promo code if you have one. If you don’t have a code, the app will automatically fill one in for you.

  5. Once the account is created, make your first deposit of at least $10 and enter your first contest, which through the new customer promo, is no sweat up to $100.

  6. If your first entry loses, the app will credit you with a free entry for the amount of your first entry.

H4: Other Promotions And Rewards

While the existing customer promos for the Boom Fantasy app may not be anything to write home about, they are worth noting. Like many DFS products, this app does offer a refer-a-friend offer that allows customers to get $25 when they get someone to sign-up and makes a deposit with their link.

When it comes to other promotions within the app, customers can get limited-time offers that will help give them almost a free winner within an entry. For example, at the time of writing this, customers can take Nathan Eovaldi to go under 99.5 strikeouts in one game, so as long as they get one other selection in their entry correct, they will get receive a winning entry. Typically entries that have these limited offers have a maximum entry limit of $10.

Claim Boom Fantasy rewards!

Boom Fantasy details:

Owner: Boom Shakalaka Inc.
Founded: 2014
Offshore Licenses:
Signup bonus: 100$
Promo Code: -
Phone: -
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24/7 Support:
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Product selection:
  • Daily Fantasy Sports

Boom Fantasy FAQ:

In which states is Boom Fantasy legal and available?

The Boom Fantasy app is available in AK, AR, CA, FL, GA, IL, KS, KY, MA, MI, MN, NE, NH, NM, NC, ND, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, WI, and WY.

What is the promo code for Boom Fantasy bonus?

No promo code is needed to receive the new customer bonus on the Boom Fantasy app.

How do I redeem a bonus code on the Boom Fantasy App?

Bonus codes on the Boom Fantasy app can be entered during the final step of the account creation process.

How does the withdrawal work at Boom Fantasy?

Withdrawals with the Boom Fantasy app can be made from the "More" tab on the app and may take anywhere between 5-7 business days to be completed.

How do I download the Boom Fantasy betting app?

DFS fans can download the Boom Fantasy app from either the App Store or Google Play Store.

Is Boom Fantasy sportsbook safe?

DFS fan do not need to worry when using the Boom Fantasy app as the product ensures the safety of a customers personal and financial information.

Boom Fantasy Sportsbook App Review:

Boom Fantasy Screenshot

If you’ve been looking for a DFS product that offers short-term contests that vary from payout size and level of odds, then the Boom Fantasy app is the product for you. From Boom Shakalaka Inc., this DFS product has been around since 2014 and is available to customers in AK, AR, CA, FL, GA, IL, KS, KY, MA, MI, MN, NE, NH, NM, NC, ND, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, WI, and WY.

The app itself can be found on either IOS or Android devices and can be downloaded from either the App Store or Google Play Store. The product has strong reviews in both stores, and while it may not be the most well-known DFS app on the market, a large majority of customers who use the product speak very highly of it.

Customers who have either never used a DFS product before or avid fantasy sports users can enjoy the simplicity and efficiency the app offers. The well-laid-out and organized app allows customers to quickly get acclimated to the different contests that are offered. Each of the three short-term contests that are available offers eight different sports/leagues customers can choose from.

One of the areas this product is lacking a bit is with payment methods, and while this is a common problem in the DFS market, we would like to see a few more options made available. All in all, though, the product is easy to understand and offers something for all levels of DFS users.

Available Sports, Leagues, And Contests

While some DFS products offer a mix of both short-term and long-term contests, the Boom Fantasy app provides strictly short-term contests across eight different sports. Customers can choose from three different contests to compete in at the moment, with another contest, “Coin Flip Live,” currently still in beta testing mode.

Each short-term contest follows a similar structure to a large majority of DFS contests, so customers can make selections based on either over/under pick’ems or head-to-head matchups. The contests are separated by the number of picks that can be made in one selection and how large the payout is for each entry.

Customers can choose to participate in these contests with the following sports/leagues, MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLS, CFB, and CBB. Over time more sports and leagues may be offered by the product, but for now, customers can enjoy a wide range of selections for each of those leagues.

Pick’Em Toss-Ups

As previously stated, each contest varies based on a few aspects. With Toss-Ups, customers have full control over everything they do when it comes to a selection. Each selection can be anywhere between 2-5 picks, with the max payout being 20x if a customer is successful with all five picks of an entry.

This contest is the closest to most DFS contests when it comes to the picks since customers can choose over or under for a given stat, or they can choose between two players and who will have more of a given stat. For example, two pick entries could include Aaron Judge to have over 1.5 hits and for Gerrit Cole to have more strikeouts than Kevin Gausman.

Pick’Em Longshots

If a customer is feeling lucky and wants to try their hand at pulling in the highest payouts, then the Longshot contests are for them. In this contest, each entry can only be two or three picks, but the max payout is 40x, with a maximum wager of $100.

Not only are the payouts bigger, but the picks are tougher to make as the odds are preset, so customers cannot just choose over or under. For example, the app could have Travis Kelce’s yard total set at 79.5, and if customers want to add him to their entry, they can only take the over, which makes it harder to get all selections correct.

Pick’Em Favorites

Favorites follow the same premise as longshots, except the odds are much better, and the payouts are lower. Each entry can be anywhere between 2-5 picks but the maximum payout for this contest on a five-pick entry is just 3x.

The reason the payouts are so low is because the odds are much better and easier for customers to choose from. For example, if Kelce’s yard prop was set at 79.5 in longshots, then it could be at 21.5 in favorites, so customers can feel more comfortable taking the pre-set over to their entry.

Boom Fantasy Payment And Withdrawal Options

There are countless DFS products on the market nowadays, and if there is one area where all of them are lacking, it’s with payment methods. The Boom Fantasy app is no different, as there are just three different deposit methods and two withdrawal methods available to customers. When it comes to deposits, the three options are Discover, Mastercard, and Visa debit or credit cards and the minimum deposit for all three of them is $10.

Now when looking to make a withdrawal, customers can’t use any of those methods, as they can either choose a direct deposit through online banking or PayPal. For customers who are used to sports betting apps offering a plethora of options, this may seem surprising, but this lack of selection, while frustrating, is commonplace in the DFS world.

No matter what withdrawal method a customer chooses, they can only have one withdrawal request pending at a time. Much like deposits, the minimum a customer can withdraw is $10, and it can take around 5-7 business days for the process to be fully completed. If, for any reason, a customer wants to cancel a withdrawal, they will need to contact the customer support team through email.

Deposit Methods

  • Discover

  • Mastercard

  • Visa

Withdraw Options

  • Online Banking

  • PayPal

Accepted Currencies

  • USD

Downloading the Boom Fantasy App

For customers who are looking to download the Boom Fantasy app, they can do so from either the App Store or Google Play Store. Currently, on the App Store, the product has a 4.6 out of 5-star rating, which comes from 3.9k reviews. On the Google Play Store, the app has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating.

The app itself has a very simple design that makes navigating the different contests extremely easy. With the app laid out how it is, it does not take long to fully grasp how the different contests work, even if a customer has never used a DFS product before. Navigating the product and making entries is also very easy since the responsiveness of the app is at a very high level, allowing customers to focus on their entries and not if the app is going to crash on them.

In our time with the product, we experienced no lagging or crashing under a solid internet connection. It did not matter if we were making one entry or multiple; the product held up the same. We were thoroughly impressed by the app from both a user-friendliness and a quality standpoint.

Web Platform

While Boom Fantasy does have a website, customers cannot do anything on it except learn about the contests and get links to download the app from either the App Store or Google Play Store.

Customers have the ability to scan a QR code that gives them direct access to the app’s new customer promotion, but outside of that, the only other thing that can be done on the product is read some reviews and the terms of service.

Overall User Experience - Summary: Boom Fantasy

At times, simple can be labeled as a bad thing, but that is certainly not the case with the Boom Fantasy app. We found the simplicity of the product to be refreshing as it made understanding the different contests incredibly easy and also makes it so different levels of fantasy users can enjoy the product based on how much they’re willing to risk.

The app is so efficient it allows all the focus to just be on making selections and not clicking around trying to navigate everything. While the premise of the contests' are very common to the rest of the market, the sheer amount of markets and selections that can be made across the eight different leagues was highly impressive. Depending on which contest a customer picks, their sports knowledge and research can really be put to the test, which is highly enjoyable.

If there were two areas we would like to see improvement in, it would be payment methods and existing customer promos. While payment methods are never great on DFS products, this app could stand to add more. In terms of promos, it would also be nice to see existing customers receive a few perks the more they play and compete in contests.

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