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Michigan (MI)

Online sports gambling is quickly gaining traction by the minute, and individual US states are working round the clock to legalize it. When the US Senate repealed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), it allowed respective states to formulate their betting laws.

Consequently, the state of Michigan picked and maximized the idea by legalizing sports gambling shortly after. Today, 15 MI betting apps are operating statewide, offering quite a selection of markets for every type of bettor in the state.

Legal and licensed apps:

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Online Sports Betting in Michigan

The legalization of Michigan's online sports gambling was a straightforward decision to make, and now, mobile betting in the state is completely legal within state lines. Therefore, bettors can now place wagers on their favorite games from within state borders, provided that they have an internet connection.

Lawmakers in MI tried to fast-track the legalization with the hope of approval in the Fall of 2020. However, a few legislative requirements hindered the process along the way. As a result, the legalization came fully in 2021 after the MI state Governor signed the bill to approve online sports betting.

Notably, the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) regulates all sports betting operators, both land-based and online. The board provides all commercial casinos and sportsbook licenses to domestic operators. Currently, bettors can use official bookie websites within state lines to place wagers. The sign-up process is simple and follows similar protocols as in other sites that operate in other states.

Indeed, the MGCB launched the state's first online sportsbook apps, including big names in the US gambling industry. Today, the licensed sports wagering apps in Michigan have doubled in number, and we even expect more.

Before legalizing online sports betting, retail casinos were already operational to provide gambling services. These casinos still operate, providing gambling-related services on horse races and daily fantasy sports.

Sports Betting Legislation in MI

After the Supreme Court repealed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, lawmakers in Michigan began the push for sports gambling legalization. After years of several attempts, the MI Senate and House finally approved the betting bill in 2019. Shortly after, the newly elected Gov Gretchen Witmer signed the bill to make it law.

In 2020, the Michigan Gaming Control Board licensed the first retail sportsbooks in the state. However, these sportsbooks could not launch immediately because of the complications brought about by the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. The same pandemic also slowed down the process of coming up with sports betting regulations.

Towards the end of the year, retail casinos and land-based sportsbook operators started offering wagering services. During this time, bettors could place wagers on daily fantasy sports and other sporting activities in person. But in January 2021, online sports gambling finally launched all over the state with the first round of gambling apps.

So far, over a dozen MI sports betting apps are live all over the state, and in November of 2022, the state brought in $49.2 million in revenue from sports betting.


Michigan has unrestricted access to online and retail domestic sports gambling. To wager online, bettors can use a bookmaker’s betting app or website with no restrictions. However, there are some essential rules and regulations concerning online sports wagering.

Before betting in MI, a bettor must be at least 21 years old. Secondly, MI bookies cannot permit gamblers on any self-exclusion list to bet through their platforms. Most importantly, the state does not allow betting on collegiate programs and sports in-state. High school sports and events in which most competitors are under 21 are also out of the question.

Licensing and Taxes

Even though retail and online sports wagering are legal in MI, the betting law requires bookies to obtain licenses. The licensing is done by the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB), which also regulates all in-state sports wagering.

Sportsbooks and casinos can get their licenses from the MGCB via an application. This costs around $50,000. If the application is successful, the bookmaker or casino will have to pay $100,000 for a five-year license. Additionally, the bookie will pay a subsequent annual operating fee of $50,000.

On the other hand, the state taxes bookies and casinos depending on adjusted gross wagering receipts. As it is, each casino’s and bookie’s gross revenue is subject to an 8.4% tax annually.

How profitable has sports betting been in Michigan?

Sports betting has been around in Michigan for quite a while compared to the other states, and that's made clear once you see the state has accumulated over $9 billion dollars in handle. Here we'll take a look at their monthly numbers for handle, revenue, and tax income made through sports betting.

  • October 2023:

    • Sports betting handle: $551.1m

    • Revenue: $46.1m

    • Tax Income: $2.53m

  • September 2023: Handle: $475.6m, Revenue: $43.9m, Tax Income: $1.72m

  • August 2023: Handle: $228.4m, Revenue: $23.4m, Tax Income: $1.47m

  • July 2023: Handle: $208.8m, Revenue: $22.9m, Tax Income: $1.52m

  • June 2023: Handle: $235.9m, Revenue: $17.9m, Tax Income: $825,756

  • May 2023: Handle: $305.3m, Revenue: $36.1m, Tax Income: $1.5

  • April 2023: Handle: $338.1m, Revenue: $36.2m, Tax Income: $2.32m

  • March 2023: Handle: $421.6m, Revenue: $45.9m, Tax income: $1.97m

  • February 2023: Handle: $357.1, Revenue: $23.1m, Tax Income: $1.8m

  • January 2023: Handle: $490.4m, Revenue: $33.7m, Tax Income: $1.19m


  • December 2022: Handle: $494.8m, Revenue: $50.4m, Tax Income: $2.01m

  • November 2022: Handle: $498.1m, Revenue: $42.7m, Tax Income: $1.7m

  • October 2022: Handle: $504.3m, Revenue: $51.3m, Tax Income: $2.1m

  • September 2022: Handle: $383.1m, Revenue: $50.4m, Tax Income: $1.8m

  • August 2022: Handle: $229.7m, Revenue: $25.6m, Tax Income: $1.12m

  • July 2022: Handle: $224.9m, Revenue: $22.8m, Tax Income: $921,101

  • June 2022: Handle: $292.3m, Revenue: $15.8m, Tax Income: $368,515

  • May 2022: Handle: $356.1m, Revenue: $35.9m, Tax Income: $1.2m

  • April 2022: Handle: $396m, Revenue: $32.6m, Tax Income: $1.1m

  • March 2022: Handle: $477.9m, Revenue: $32.4m, Tax Income: $967,314

  • February 2022: Handle: $423.7m, Revenue: $21.6m, Tax Income: $360,354

  • January 2022: Handle: $532.6m, Revenue: $36.6m, Tax Income: $1.5m

What is legal to bet on in MI?

Michigan allows licensed bookmakers to offer all bet types, excluding collegiate and high school events. Bettors hope that this restriction will change as time progresses. Apart from that, punters in the state can wager online or in person as long as they are 21 years or older.

The sports betting apps operating statewide offer over a thousand betting lines daily every day for online punters. These wagering apps cover all the important sporting events in the US, esports, and international sports. Beyond the major US sports like NHL and NBA, sports gambling enthusiasts in-state can wager on soccer, MMA, and boxing.

Moreover, players wishing to place wagers on non-athletic contests can easily do so. Wagering apps in Michigan offer, for example, eating challenges, props, and Academy Awards. And like other US states, horse race betting and daily fantasy sports are available to punters. These online sports gambling apps have live betting, allowing wagering as matches progress.

Gambling news and updates from Michigan

  • April 21, 2023: Four Detroit Lions players have been suspended by the NFL for violating the league's gambling policy. One of the players, Jameson Williams, stated he was suspended for betting on team property and not for betting on the NFL.

  • April 6, 2023: A petition is going around the faculty of Michigan State University in an effort to get the university to end its relationship with Caesars Sportsbook.

  • March 22, 2023: Online casinos in the state of Michigan receive over $148 million in revenue for February.

  • February 22, 2023: An illegal gambling operation in Delta Township, Michigan, has been busted by the authorities. Over $20k in cash, along with illegal gambling machines, were seized in the bust.

How do mobile sportsbook apps work in Michigan?

Since online sports betting became legal in MI, many bookies have joined the state's online wagering industry. But they all operate with a license under one body — the MGCB. For this reason, these sportsbook apps function similarly.

After the first-round bookies were launched, bookmakers such as Barstool, TwinSpires, BetMGM, and BetRivers went live all over the state. These bookies remain the most popular and trusted bookmakers in the state. Their sports betting markets range from NHL and NFL to MMA and other popular sports leagues in the US.

Notably, more than a dozen sports betting apps are fully licensed by the Michigan Gaming Control Board. According to our tests, the apps work similarly concerning efficiency and speed. Licensed MI betting apps occasionally offer loyal customers bonuses and special offers, and Michigan's first-round sports gambling apps provided the perfect precedence for other subsequent apps.

Although some Michigan mobile betting apps may have different banking methods and transaction speeds, they integrate several safe payment methods to offer convenience. However, the entire process, from signing up to placing wagers, is pretty much the same, as you will see in the next section.

Getting started - Step-by-step

For bettors, getting started on MI sports betting is pretty straightforward. As long as a punter has a mobile device connected to the internet, they are good to go. However, some still encounter problems placing wagers through these Michigan sportsbook apps.

The following is a simplified step-by-step guide on how to place a wager for the first time.

  1. Sign up — Bettors should visit their preferred sportsbook's website and create a betting account.

  2. Download the preferred sports betting app — Depending on the mobile device's operating system, the punter should download a compatible sports gambling app if there's one.

  3. Make a deposit — fund your account. Next, log into the app's created betting account and examine the accepted payment options. The bettor should choose a more convenient option, depending on their preferences.

  4. Claim offered bonuses — After successfully making the deposit, it's time to use any bonus codes or links to claim the bonuses and offers available.

  5. Place your bets — The last step involves choosing sports to bet on and placing the actual wager.

Bonuses and MI sports betting offers

There is stiff competition because of the high number of online sportsbook sites in Michigan. After all, each app strives to establish its brand. Indeed, several mobile betting apps occasionally offer bonuses and promos to new and existing customers.

As of now, the most common bonuses available to MI sports bettors include:

  1. Matched deposits — Bookies usually match their first deposit to a certain percentage whenever new punters sign up. For example, BetRivers in Michigan offers a 100% deposit match of up to $250.

  2. Risk-free bets — If a gambler loses their first wager, the bookmaker will offer them a refund in betting credits. For example, BetMGM in MI offers up to $1000 in Risk-Free bets.

Payment methods for depositing

Currently, sports betting apps in MI accept various payment methods. Punters in the state have options such as credit/debit cards, bank transfers, cryptocurrencies, and e-wallets. All these options use robust security systems, which ensure safety when transacting.

Some notable options in Michigan include Play+ Card, E-wallets like PayPal and Skrill, Western Union, and Neteller. Many operators in the state also accept ACH e-checks, bank transfers, and AMEX.

Punters often use these options for deposits and withdrawals. However, not all banking methods are available for withdrawals at Michigan betting apps, and often come with transaction limits.

Trusted Michigan sports betting mobile apps in 2023

A sportsbook app must maintain an excellent reputation to attract and retain customers, and that's why most sports betting apps in MI strive to remain trustworthy. Punters gauge a gambling app's reputation through criteria such as efficiency and delivery of services, to name a few.

We use the same criteria and more to identify MI's most trusted sports betting apps. A few of such trusted sites are, for example:

BetMGM: Back in 2018, the partnership between Entain Holdings and MGM Resorts resulted in the establishment of BetMGM. This bookmaker has its headquarters in New Jersey but still offers gambling services in other US states like MI. It went live in Michigan on January 22, 2021. Punters trust it because of the wide range of betting markets and its professionalism in handling customer problems.

TwinSpires: This is a sportsbook owned and operated by Churchill Down Inc. It was founded in 1996 and has its headquarters in Woodlands Hill, California. The bookie partnered with Island Resort Casino to bring online gambling to MI. In fact, TwinSpires was amongst the first round of betting apps to go live in this state.

Michigan Sports betting at casinos

Currently, many people prefer online sports wagering for its convenience and a wider variety of betting markets. Nonetheless, in-person sports betting also has its thrills, especially when bettors sit in one room to watch as actions unfold.

The state of Michigan has different retail casinos within its state lines. Indeed, sports wagering enthusiasts who want to enjoy in-person wagering have many betting lounges available.

Most MI casinos partner with at least one online betting app to offer wagering markets. As such, each bettor can use their online bookie’s wagering account to place in-person wagers at the respective retail casino establishments statewide. Some top retail casinos include MGM Grand Detroit, Odawa Casino, and Greektown Casino, to name a few. The Michigan Gaming Control Board regulates the retail bookies as well.

Michigan (MI) - Some commonly asked questions (FAQ):

Is sports betting legal in Michigan?

Yes, mobile sports betting in Michigan is legal currently. In 2020, legislators in both houses approved the gambling bill that allowed for online and retail betting. As such, bettors can install any betting app to place wagers however they like.

What sportsbook apps are there available in MI?

Today, Michigan has over a dozen licensed sports wagering apps that complement land-based sportsbooks. Furthermore, these online betting apps are engineered to work the same way by offering various wagering markets for bettors to choose from.

How does online sports betting work in Michigan?

Mobile sports wagering in Michigan is quite simple. The law does not require bettors to be physically at casino establishments to wager using the apps. However, they must be within the borders of the state.

Who regulates sports betting in MI?

Immediately after legalizing sports wagering, MI mandated the Michigan Gaming Control Board with sports betting regulation. The MGCB issues licenses to all sportsbooks and provides regulations to guide their daily operations.

What sports can I bet on in Michigan?

Since both online and retail sports wagering is legal in the state of Michigan, bettors have quite a good number of betting markets to choose from. A punter who uses sports betting apps will have wagering options such as the NFL, NBA, and MLB.

Can I sign up for multiple sports betting apps in MI?

Yes, bettors are free to sign up for user accounts with multiple betting apps in Michigan. With over 20 sports wagering apps operating within state lines, bettors get to enjoy a variety of bonus offers and other gambling-related promotions.