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The primary sportsbook app of the state of Arkansas has expanded into two more states and in the near future the simple to use app could be launching in plenty more.

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21+ | T&C Apply | Please Gamble responsibly.

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Betly Bonus Offer and Promo Codes

Betly promo code Arkansas & Tennessee

  • Bonus: $250 risk-free first bet

  • No promo codes are needed!

    • After registering an account and depositing, place your first wager (min. $10) with real money with odds of -250 or greater.

    • If this first wager loses, you'll receive a free bet equal to your stake (max. $250).

  • Available only in the following states: AR and TN.

Betly promo code West Virginia

  • Bonus: $100 risk-free bet bonus

  • No promo codes are needed!

    • Betly 100% refunds each new customer's first losing wager whenever it happens - up to $100.

    • If your first lost wager is placed with a $10 stake, you'll automatically receive a $10 free bet.

  • Available only in the following states: WV.

Many times sportsbooks will use new customer promos as a way to set themselves apart from the crowded market. In West Virginia, The Betly Sportsbook offers truly a new kind of bonus promo, which could be considered average compared to the top sportsbooks on the market in terms of overall value.

However, in this case, Betly refunds each WV bettor's first lost bet up to $100, no matter when this loss occurs. Thus, this offer differs quite drastically from the other free bet-related bonus deals, where the bonus wagers are only received if the first qualifying bet is a loss.

In Arkansas and Tennessee, however, Betly is offering this kind of traditional 100% risk-free first bet bonus of up to $250. Therefore, if a customer's first wager is unsuccessful, the app will reward them with a free bet that is equivalent to their initial bet - up to $250. This promo will only be awarded if the first bet is lost; if the customer's first bet wins, they will receive their winnings and no additional free wager.

No promo code or opt-in is required for these bonus offers to take effect.

How to Sign Up with Betly Sportsbook App?

The sign-up process for the Betly Sportsbook is a straightforward and common process.

  1. Search for the app in either the App Store or Google Play Store.

  2. Customers must download the app specific to their operating state.

  3. Once downloaded, customers can select "Join Now" and begin the account creation process.

  4. From there, users will fill out personal information, like the last four digits of their social security number, along with some security questions to ensure account safety.

  5. Once the account is created, customers must either connect their Play+ account or create a Play+ account to deposit money into their account.

  6. If the customers first wager loses, they will be credited with a free bet of an equal amount of up to $250. No promo code is required for new users to be eligible for this promo.

Other Promotions And Rewards

If bettors are on the hunt for an app with a lot of existing customer promotions and exciting betting features, then they should look elsewhere. The Betly Sportsbook does not offer existing customer promotions often; when they do, they usually only last for a limited time.

Occasionally the product will offer competitions for existing customers that could warrant large prizes, but it is rare to find promotions on a day-to-day basis. The app and website do offer "Betly Boosts" which offer odds boosts on specific events or games; however, they are not updated as frequently as one would like.

The best offer this product has for existing customers is its rewards program. The Luck North Program rewards customers for making bets by giving them a point every time they wager $10. As the points build up, they turn into money the customer can use to make wagers. Over time customers will also receive free bets or other offers through the rewards program, which gives a nice incentive to log in and wager often.

Betly details:

Owner: Mardi Gras Casino
Founded: 2020
Offshore Licenses:
Signup bonus: $250
Promo Code: -
Phone: (304) 238-2267
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24/7 Support:
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Loyalty program:
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App - downloadable?
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Product selection:
  • Sports Betting
  • In-Play betting

Betly FAQ:

In which states is Betly legal and available?

As of right now the Betly Sportsbook is available in Arkansas, Tennessee, and West Virginia. More states are expected to be added in the near future.

What is the promo code for Betly bonus?

Currently, there is no promo code for the Betly Sportsbook. Customers can claim the new customer bonus on the app and become eligible for a risk-free bet up to $100-$250, depending on from which state they are gambling.

How do I redeem a bonus code on the Betly App?

It seems as if the Betly Sportsbook does not offer bonus codes for promotions but customers can find any available bonuses in the "Promotions" tab.

How does the withdrawal work at Betly?

Customers can go to "My Profile" on the Betly Sportsbook app and from their they can find the withdrawal option. From their users can select which withdrawal method they would like to use and begin the process.

How do I download the Betly betting app?

The Betly Sportsbook can be found and downloaded on either the App Store or Google Play Store. It's important to note that three apps will come up in either store and the customer must make sure to download the correct app for their operating state.

Is Betly sportsbook safe?

Safety is not something that should be taken lightly when trying to find a sportsbook app and the Betly Sportsbook does a good job of ensuring customer safety.

Betly Sportsbook App Review:

Betly Screenshot

In 2020, the Mardi Gras Casino decided to join the mobile sports betting world with the launch of the Betly Sportsbook app. The launch was not widespread across the U.S., in fact, only Arkansas, Tennessee, and West Virginia have access to the sportsbook app and website as of right now. More states are expected to be added over time, but for the time being, customers in those three states can enjoy the simple layout and design of the app and website.

New customers in all three states are eligible for the new customer promotion of a risk-free bet up to $250 if their first bet loses. No promo code or opt-in is required for this promotion, as users just need to make the minimum deposit of $10 and begin enjoying the app.

Betly - Review

Many times casino's next step in expanding their business is creating a mobile sports betting app and website. In 2020 the Mardi Gras Casino decided to do just that by launching the Betly Sportsbook in Arkansas, Tennessee, and West Virginia, with more states expected to be added in the near future.

Bettors can find and download the mobile app on either IOS or Android Devices through the App Store and Google Play Store. Due to the fact that the product is only available in three states, it has yet to reach widespread notoriety in the crowded mobile sportsbook market. With Betly Sportsbooks' user-friendly design and fast responsiveness, it is likely that it could become a prominent name on the market with expansion and a few tweaks.

Customers who may be new to the sports betting world are able to easily navigate the simple layout on both the app and website platform, making it an ideal product for them to make their first wagers. Experienced bettors can also find areas of the platform that are ideal, like the live betting feature and very straightforward betting options.

This app could leave some customers hoping for more in certain areas, like new and existing customer promotions or payment methods for deposits/withdrawals. Although these are easy-to-improve areas for right now, this product is lacking in those departments compared to the top sportsbooks on the market.

Sports Betting Markets & Lines

When using the Betly Sportsbook app, customers can wager on eight of the most commonly bet on sports. These include basketball, baseball, football, soccer, hockey, golf, fighting, and tennis. Within these sports, customers can wager on the most popular leagues in the U.S., like the NFL, MLB, NBA, or NCAA basketball and football.

International leagues for a few of these sports can also be wagered on, like La Liga for soccer. When it comes to the full selection of sports and leagues, this product does not offer a range comparable to the top sportsbooks on the market, but for customers looking to wager on popular U.S. leagues or events, it more than gets the job done.

The option to bet on entertainment-type events like the Grammy Awards or TV competitions like The Bachelor is not available on this product, customers can only wager on sporting events.

Bets & Odds

When it comes to betting types and different features, the Betly Sportsbook app keeps it very simple and only offers the eight most commonly used bet types. Users can wager on moneylines, point spreads, point totals, futures, parlays, prop bets, teasers, and round-robin bets. This product is not one to offer exciting or creative betting types to customers, it is strictly focused on the listed betting options.

Odds-wise, this product does stack up very well with the top sportsbooks on the market. Often times the odds on this product are the same as the popular odds-maker sportsbooks, so users can find good prices on a lot of games or events.

Live Betting

Live betting is available on the Betly Sportsbook app and website and is very easy to navigate on either platform. On both platforms' home pages, the โ€œLive Eventsโ€ tab can be found right at the top next to the โ€œFeaturedโ€ section. Once in the live event tab, customers can choose from a wide range of live events and updating odds at any time, including international sporting events.

Users do not have the option to live stream these events from the app, they can only wager on them.

Betly Sportsbook Payment And Withdrawal Options

The lack of deposit and withdrawal options on the Betly Sportsbook app is certainly one of the biggest weaknesses of the product. Many of the top sportsbooks on the market offer a wide range of easy options for their customers to choose from, but this app only offers two, one of which requires being present in a casino. Both methods have a minimum deposit requirement of $10, and only US currency is accepted.

This product only accepts Play+ accounts for depositing and withdrawals, and even though customers can connect their mobile banking to their Play+ account, the service is not very common. Many customers will need to create an account on Play+ first before being able to deposit or withdraw from the app. Other popular e-wallet apps or even bank transfers are not supported on this product, which is fairly uncommon in todayโ€™s mobile sports betting world.

When customers are looking to make a withdrawal, the request will be reviewed, and from there, it could take anywhere from one to five banking days for the withdrawal to go through on Play+. Typically the process will be done within one day. Withdrawals also have a minimum requirement of $10.

Deposit Methods

  • Play+

  • Cash Cage

Withdraw Options

  • Play+

  • Cash Cage

Accepted Currencies

  • USD

Customer Service And Support

Itโ€™s common to run into some kind of issue or question when using a sportsbook app, especially for the first time, so the Betly Sportsbook offers a few ways for those questions or concerns to be answered. Customers have the option to either email the customer support team or speak to them over the phone.

Users do not have the option to use a live chat feature, and it is unclear whether or not the hotline is operating 24/7, so there is a chance customers may need to wait to find a solution or answer to their problem.

The FAQ section could also be used to answer customer questions or concerns, but it is worth noting this products FAQ section is not as extensive as many of the other top sportsbooks on the market. Only 22 questions and answers are listed on the page, so if a customer's question or concern does not pertain to those 22 questions, then they will have to contact customer support directly.

Responsible Gaming Tools

Responsible gaming tools are not going to be advertised or used in any marketing campaigns, but they are still incredibly important for sportsbooks to offer. The Betly Sportsbook offers two primary gaming tools centered around either setting limits or self-exclusion.

Customers can set deposit limits within the app that can be set for daily, weekly, or monthly limits depending on the customer's needs. Users can also choose to temporarily or permanently exclude themselves from gambling activity. If limits and self-exclusion are not enough, customers can also find the gambler anonymous hotline number specific to their state right on the app or website.

Mobile Betting With Betly Sportsbook

If simplicity is what a customer is searching for in a mobile sportsbook app, then the Betly Sportsbook app would be a good place to start. There are no eye-popping background colors or promotion advertisements, just an easy-to-navigate platform that runs efficiently under a good internet connection.

The process of finding a specific sporting event or betting option is seamless and allows users to focus on what they are meant to focus on when using the app. Users can find everything from live betting options to the promotions tab all within the home page, which cuts down on tedious searching.

Stability-wise, the app is very responsive, and we ran into no issues with glitches or crashing no matter how much we happened to be doing in a session of use. As the app expands into more states, the layout and efficiency of the app will make it a competitive name on the market.

Downloading The Betly Sportsbook App

When looking to download the Betly Sportsbook app, customers can search for and find it in either the App Store or Google Play Store. During the process of downloading the app, customers must make sure they are selecting and downloading the app specific to their operating state, as all three available states have their own app.

All three apps have a 3 out of 5-star rating in the App Store, and in the Google Play Store, the Arkansas-specific app has 4.3 out of 5 stars, and the Tennesseee-specific app has 3.7 out of 5.

Web Platform

The Betly Sportsbook website has an almost identical layout to the mobile app, including its simple design that is easy to navigate. With a wider design on the website version, customers can see every function the sportsbook offers all right on the home page, which makes finding a specific game or event a seamless process.

Under a good internet connection, the responsiveness of the website was very solid, which allowed for an efficient experience with every use. Any level of sportsbook user, from avid to beginner, will be able to appreciate with the website has to offer and how it runs.

Overall User Experience - Summary: Betly

The Betly Sportsbook is a good product for users who are just getting their feet wet in the mobile sports betting world. With its simple design and straightforward operating system, the app makes it easy to find a specific game or event quickly and efficiently without having to worry about glaring glitches or responsiveness issues.

Simplicity is nice in a crowded market, but at times with this product, simplicity can also be a shortcoming. The lack of promotions, betting options, and payment options certainly stand out and will make it difficult for this product to make a name for itself as it expands into more states.

More promotions and payment options can always be added down the line, so there is still plenty of hope for this product. Still, as the brand expands, these options, along with small things like a more extensive FAQ section and live chat for customer support, will need to be added to become more well-rounded as a product.

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