Louisiana Sports Betting Apps

Louisiana (LA)

The Pelican State is home to some of the best sports betting apps in the US. Online sports gambling was officially launched in Louisiana early this year and went live on January 28th, 2022.

Upon legalization, several sportsbooks rose to the occasion and established markets in LA. As a result, eight reputable Louisiana betting apps are offering their customers a vast market of sports events and incentives.

Legal and licensed apps:

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Online Sports Betting in Louisiana

Before the legalization of retail and online sports betting in Louisiana, the state residents had been getting conflicting information over the actual status of the go-live date. Sports fans and bettors had been piling a lot of pressure on the state to hasten the legalization of online betting sites. Consequently, the state officials bowed to the pressure and legalized retail and online sports betting in early 2022.

Players within the geographical borders of the state can now register accounts with the available mobile sports betting apps and wager on their favorite sporting events. However, gambling was still available in LA even before the legalization of online sports betting. Players would visit land-based casinos to place cash on slot games, table games, and horse racing competitions. By then, sports markets were unavailable in the physical casinos, hence narrower markets.

Today, players all over the state can conveniently access various games and markets hassle-free. The gambling market in LA has numerous betting apps claiming to offer the best leagues and incentives. Depending on their preference, players can access Louisiana online sports betting apps via their desktop websites or their mobile apps.

The Louisiana Gaming Control Board regulates retail and online sports betting in LA. This board also licenses and oversees the betting apps to ensure that they submit their revenue taxes as state law requires.

Sports Betting Legislation in LA

The legalization of sports betting in Louisiana has come a long way in history. Since 1940, gambling has been actively prevalent in the state, yet available casinos offered no sports markets.

Funnily enough, the gambling authorities didn't talk much about the legalization of sports gambling until November 2020. That month, the majority of LA citizens voted in to approve the legalization of sports betting in the state. Luckily, 55 out of the 64 parishes in the state voted in favor of the bill, and after that, it took eight months for the bill to be passed.

In June 2021, bill SB 247 was signed into law allowing retail and online sports betting to operate legally in LA. Today, several bookmakers are operating within the borders of the state. DraftKings was the first to go live, having acquired a DFS license before the law came into effect.

Later, Caesars and BetMGM joined in, giving LA bettors even more bookmaker options. The total is now up to eight total sportsbooks live in the state.


Sports betting in Louisiana is open to the state residents and visitors touring the state, and pretty much any player can sign up for an account with any of the available sports betting apps and websites. However, there are some restrictions concerning this.

First, a player must have attained the age of 21, as it is the legal age set by the state. In addition, the player must be within the state borders to place bets with the available bookmakers. Lastly, betting on high school sports events within LA is illegal.

Licensing and Taxes

Since LA online and retail betting sites are licensed and overseen by the Louisiana Gaming Control Board, the board also collects revenue taxes from these sites. Upon legalization of sports gambling, the state legislature set the tax rate for all revenue earned by betting sites in a specific financial year.

While online sportsbooks pay a 15% tax on revenue, their on-site counterparts submit 10% of their earnings. Notably, the state law stipulates that 25% of the total revenue raised from mobile gambling should go to early learning programs for children in the state, up to $20 million. The rest is set aside for local government programs (only the 55 parishes that approved sports betting).

How profitable has sports betting been in Louisiana?

Since sports betting went live in Louisiana on October 31, 2021, the state has wagered over 2.6 billion dollars, and those numbers will continue to grow rapidly as the market expands. We'll take a look at the state's monthly handle, revenue, and tax income for the state.

  • November 2023:

    • Sports betting handle: $356.5m

    • Revenue: $29.3m

    • Tax Income: $3.2m

  • October 2023: Handle: $308.6m, Revenue: $43.3m, Tax Income: $5.3m

  • September 2023: Handle: $280.09m, Revenue: $43.1m, Tax Income: $5.31m

  • August 2023: Handle: $153.9m, Revenue: $18.13m, Tax Income: $2.10m

  • July 2023: Handle: $134.7m, Revenue: $18.2m, Tax Income: $2.18m

  • June 2023: $160m, Revenue: $13.9m, Tax Income: $1.69m

  • May 2023: Handle: $193.5m, Revenue: $29.6m, Tax Income: $3.55m

  • April 2023: Handle: $209.7m, Revenue: $23.4m, Tax Income: $2.94m

  • March 2023: Handle: $249.2m, Revenue: $61.2m, Tax Income: $6.43m

  • February 2023: Handle: $197.7m, Revenue: $23.3m, Tax Income: $2.54m

  • January 2023: Handle: $282.2m, Revenue: $28m, Tax Income: $3.3m


  • December 2022: Handle: $254.2m, Revenue: $36.9m, Tax Income: $4.3m

  • November 2022: Handle: $268.6m, Revenue: $25.6m, Tax Income: $4.2m

  • October 2022: Handle: $255.5m, Revenue: $30.2m, Tax Income: $4.3m

  • September 2022: Handle: $207.5m, Revenue: $31.8m, Tax Income: $3.8m

  • August 2022: Handle: $128.2m, Revenue: $9.4m, Tax Income: $1.7m

  • July 2022: Handle: $118.5m, Revenue: $20.8m, Tax Income: $2.4m

  • June 2022: Handle: $132.4m, Revenue: $10.6m, Tax Income: $1.4m

  • May 2022: Handle: $171.1m, Revenue: $25.3m, Tax Income: $2.7m

  • April 2022: Handle: $208.2m, Revenue: $5.6m, Tax Income: $2.5m

  • March 2022: Handle: $232.7m, Revenue: $30.1m, Tax Income: $3.4m

  • February 2022: Handle: $238.4m, Revenue: $17.2m, Tax Income: $2.3m

  • January 2022: Handle: $89.7m, Revenue: $3.7m, Tax Income: $533,259

What is legal to bet on in LA?

Louisiana sportsbooks feature many sports games on which sports bettors in LA can wager. Interestingly, the market is widespread, so every player will have something interesting to place a bet on.

However, all players must satisfy the legal age required by the state. Also, the law restricts players from betting outside the state as state-licensed bookmakers regulate this using geolocation software.

Away from that, bettors can place bets on various sports, including football, baseball, boxing, and basketball. Louisiana sportsbooks also cover popular leagues like NFL, MLB, and NBA. Esports are also available, although not in all bookies.

And if one wishes to wager on matches that have already kicked off, LA bookmakers can make that happen via its live betting option. The availability of in-play wagering options gives a proper boost to the sports betting markets. However, such markets make winning hard since the odds change fast. But in-play wagering may be profitable for ardent players who've learned how to study odds.

Louisiana Sports betting at casinos

Besides online sportsbooks, retail physical casinos in Louisiana offer sports betting events. However, the selection of the games offered at these casinos is inferior compared to those at mobile sportsbook apps.

Popular casinos in the state include Boomtown Casino and Hotel. Boomtown is located on the west bank of the Mississippi River and has 1400 slot machines and 29 table games. Eldorado Resort Casino is based in Shreveport and boasts 1500 slot games and 50 table games.

Another popular option, Horseshoe Casino and Hotel, is located in the busy Bossier City and has extensive amenities, including 14 poker tables, 1500 slot machines, and 60 table games. Finally, there is the L’Auberge Casino Resort located at Lake Charles, which offers a variety of games.

Gambling news and updates from Louisiana

  • December 21, 2023: In November, Louisiana sees a record sports betting handle of $356.5 million, surpassing the previous high of $308.6 million set in October 2022. This figure represents a 15.5% increase and a 32.7% rise compared to November of last year. Online betting accounted for $322.9 million of the total handle.

  • December 14, 2023: Cordish Companies begins constructing a $270 million land-based casino in Bossier City, Louisiana. The Live! branded venue is set to open in 2025, offering 47,000 square feet of gaming space with 1,000 slots, electronic table games, and over 40 live table games.

  • November 22, 2023: Bet365 extends its US reach by introducing its sportsbook app in Louisiana, marking its presence in seven states nationwide. LA residents can now access Bet365's sports betting services via its website or app, allowing them to wager on various sporting events.

  • August 25, 2023: The Queen Baton Rouge, a newly built casino at the former Hollywood Casino site in Baton Rouge featuring a DraftKings Sportsbook, opens its doors.

  • April 18, 2023: Louisiana considers allowing its sportsbooks to offer fixed-odds bets on horse racing through House Bill 564, sponsored by House Speaker Clay Schexnayder. This move would align horse racing wagers with other sports bets and potentially enhance the betting experience for patrons.

  • March 16, 2023: Louisiana experiences a decrease in revenue in the month of February.

  • February 29, 2023: The state of Louisiana set a new record for sports betting handle in the month of January with $282.2 million.

  • February 1, 2023: Three states, including Louisiana, just recently approved cashless casino technology. Through Acres Manufacturing Company technology, customers can deposit cash directly into a machine right from their phone.

Louisiana (LA) - Some commonly asked questions (FAQ):

Is sports betting legal in Louisiana?

Nowadays online sports betting in Louisiana is legal and regulated by the state authorities. As long as the player has attained the legal betting age allowed by the state and is within the state's borders, they can place bets in LA freely.

What sportsbook apps are there available in LA?

Different mobile sportsbooks in Louisiana offer various betting options and since its legalization, more apps have continued to stream the LA sports betting market. The most popular ones are BetMGM, FanDuel, Barstool, BetRivers and DraftKings.

How does online sports betting work in Louisiana?

Louisiana mobile betting apps offer their players various sports games and other markets for both Android and Apple devices. To use the LA mobile betting app, a player should sign up for an account in one of the sportsbooks and download the application.

Who regulates sports betting in LA?

Gambling in LA is controlled and regulated by the Louisiana Gaming Control Board. Since sports betting is not legal all over the state as some parishes did not pass the bill, the board also oversees gambling activities in certain states.

What sports can I bet on in Louisiana?

Online betting sites and apps in LA offer a wide variety of sports markets that bettors in the state can wager on. The most common are football, basketball and hockey. However, the law doesn’t cover betting on games from other leagues outside the state.

Can I sign up for multiple sports betting apps in LA?

All sports bettors in Louisiana have the freedom to register accounts in any sportsbook app licensed to operate in the state. The LA Lottery does not have a law restricting bettors from owning accounts in multiple betting sites and apps.