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  • Lightning fast deposits and withdrawals
  • Peer to peer betting will be available soon

ZenSports is a Tennessee only sportsbook that will soon bring peer-to-peer betting to their already efficient and impressive app.

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21+ | T&C Apply | Please gamble responsibly.

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ZenSports Bonus Offer and Promo Codes

Summary of ZenSports Promo Codes

  • Bonus: Earn 5% cash back on bets for 15 days

  • Promo Code: The only codes that can be used are referral codes.

  • Users without a promo code can still get the offer, but their max cashback is $250

  • Available in Tennessee

The new customer bonus offered on the ZenSports app is not your run-of-the-mill promo that most sportsbooks end up offering. The entire basis of the promotion is 5% cash back on all bets for the first 15 days of being a customer. Cashback can be unlimited for a customer if they use a referral code that was given to them by a friend who already has an existing account with the product.

If a user does not have a referral code when signing up, they can still gain cash back, but the amount they can get is capped at $250. Before receiving the promo, customers must go through the KYC verification and make their first deposit. The cashback starts once a user's first wager is placed, and after 15 days, the cashback will instantly be added to their account.

Unlike most sportsbooks, there is no rollover required with this promotion; it is up to the customer to get as much cash back as they want if, of course, they have a referral code. Customers are not allowed to place a wager on both sides of a game in order to wash bet, as this is strictly prohibited by the product.

How to Sign Up with the ZenSports App?

It won’t take long to have a ZenSports account set up, as the process is simple and efficient.

  1. Download the app from either the App Store or from the link on the website for Android.

  2. Select “Signup via Email,” or Apple users can create an account with Apple ID

  3. Enter your name and the email/password you want to be associated with this account.

  4. Select country and state of residence along with date of birth.

  5. Allow the product to access phone location when using the product to ensure you’re in a place in which the app is offered.

  6. If given a referral code from a friend, customers can enter it as the last step in the process.

  7. Prior to making a first deposit, customers need to go through KYC verification.

  8. Customers can then receive 5% cash back on their betting volume for the first 15 days of having an account with a $250 maximum if no referral code was entered and no maximum with a referral code.

Other Promotions And Rewards

For some sportsbooks, once a new customer becomes an existing customer, they hardly ever receive promotions, but that is not the case on the ZenSports app. Customers of the product have a chance to join the ZenSports Rewards Program, which offers monthly bonuses to users who place at least five wagers and meet the minimum monthly betting threshold.

These monthly bonuses for rewards members include 2% cash back based on betting volume, 1% cash back for infrequent withdrawals, and a chance to enter special contests and receive exclusive promos. For the small price of five wagers and monthly betting requirement, this program is a no-brainer to join for all customers, as it is rare to see this many offers for existing customers.

Aside from the rewards program, existing customers can also refer their friends to the app using their own unique referral code. There is no limit to the number of referrals that can be made, and the user who refers their friends will receive 3% cash back on all betting volume their friends make for six months.

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ZenSports details:

Owner: Keystar
Founded: 2023
Offshore Licenses:
WWW: https://zensports.com/
Signup bonus: $250
Promo Code: -
Email: support@zensports.com
Phone: -
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24/7 Support:
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Loyalty program:
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Product selection:
  • Sports Betting
  • In-Play betting

ZenSports FAQ:

In which states is ZenSports legal and available?

ZenSports is currently only available in Tennessee.

What is the promo code for ZenSports bonus?

Promo codes on the ZenSports app are only given in the form of unique referral codes.

How do I redeem a bonus code on the ZenSports App?

Bonus codes on the ZenSports app can be redeemed during the account creation process.

How does the withdrawal work at ZenSports?

Withdrawals on the ZenSports app can be done by transferring money from an in-app wallet to the customers Play+ card. From there they can withdrawal that money into their bank account.

How do I download the ZenSports betting app?

Customers can download the ZenSports app from either the App Store or Google Play Store.

Is ZenSports sportsbook safe?

Since ZenSports is 100% licensed it must abide by many regulations that ensure customer safety.

ZenSports Sportsbook App Review:

ZenSports Screenshot

Launched by Keystar in 2023, the ZenSports app is currently only available in Tennessee. The fully licensed sportsbook launched in June, and pending approval, it could soon become one of few sportsbooks in the U.S. that offers peer-to-peer betting. Until that aspect of the app is approved, bettors can still wager on all the popular sports and leagues that can be found in most sportsbooks.

Bettors looking to download the app can find it for both iPhone and Android devices. Users may not find many reviews on the product quite yet since it is still new to the market, but the app’s popularity could change over time with the addition of peer-to-peer betting along with other updates and changes.

One of the biggest things that will certainly draw plenty of experienced bettors is the fact this product will treat all bettors the same when it comes to limits. Each wager on the app has a maximum amount that can be placed on that bet, but even if a gambler is a sharp, they will be treated just the same as someone placing their first-ever wager in terms of liquidity.

With no one’s bankroll being singled out and peer-to-peer betting on the horizon, this product really has something for every level of sports bettor. While that may be the case, most bettors will likely also be hoping for more selections to be added to the product in terms of sports that can be wagered on and betting types offered.

Sports Betting Markets & Lines

If immense amounts of sports and leagues are what you’re looking to bet on, then the ZenSports app may not be the place to go. While the Tennessee-only sportsbook offers all of the most common sports and leagues, if a bettor is looking for a laundry list of sports or leagues, they will not find them on this product unless they are strictly looking to wager on soccer.

As it stands right now, bettors can wager on football, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, hockey, e-sports, MMA, and golf. Within these sports, customers can bet on the NBA, MLB, NFL, NCAAF, NCAAB, NHL, and the PGA Tour. The one sport where bettors can find international leagues is soccer, as leagues like the Premier League and Liga MX are available.

All entertainment or political-based events like the Grammy’s cannot be wagered on from this product, as it is limited to only sports.

Bets & Odds

In terms of bet types available on the ZenSports app, customers will be able to find point spreads, moneylines, totals, parlays, player props, and futures. More specific bet types like F5 inning and first-half bets are not available on the product, and while player props are available, the number of prop markets offered does not stack up well with some of the top shops in the market.

When it comes to odds, this product is competitive with the rest of the market. It’s always important to price shop across different sportsbooks, but we didn’t find a big discrepancy between the odds on this product and shops like DraftKings or BetMGM.

Live Betting

Live betting is a big aspect of every bettor's repertoire, and unfortunately, live betting is not available on the ZenSports app. Since the app is still fresh on the market and is still pending approval for a few things, including peer-to-peer betting, there is certainly still a chance live betting could become available on this product over time.

Since live betting is not available, this also means customers cannot track live stats or even stream events from this product.

ZenSports Payment And Withdrawal Options

There are a few ways customers can make deposits and withdrawals on the ZenSports app, but all of them will ultimately go through a Play+ account that can be created once an account is made. This means that bettors can still use online banking, ACH, and PayPal to fund their accounts, but it will all funnel into a Play+ account. In order to create this Play+ account, customers must first pass a KYC verification; once that is passed, users will need to enter their social security number and accept the terms and conditions.

After completing those steps, customers can make a deposit using any of the previously mentioned methods. Customers also have the option to wire transfer money to their account or use a check by mail to do so. It’s important to remember that all money deposited into a Play+ account must then be transferred into a users in-app wallet from which they can place wagers.

The process for withdrawals is very similar, as bettors can instantly transfer funds from their in-app wallet to their Play+ account, and from there, they can withdraw the money into a bank account. It will typically take 1-2 days for the withdrawal to be completed this way, and it may take up to 48 hours for a wire transfer to process, depending on the bank. If making a withdrawal via paper check, it could take 10-14 days for that process to finalize.

Deposit Methods

  • ACH/e-Check

  • Play+

  • Online Banking

  • Check by mail

  • PayPal

  • Wire transfer

  • Sightline

Withdraw Options

  • Play+

  • Wire transfer

  • Check by mail

Accepted Currencies

  • USD

Customer Service And Support

No matter how big or small a sportsbook is, customer service is incredibly important, and on the ZenSports app, customers can contact the customer support team through an impressive live chat system. When using the app, bettors can head to the “More” tab, where they will find a chat icon that can used to contact a customer support representative.

Customers can expect a response in the live chat box in under three minutes, which is an excellent response time and shows that their customer's time is important to them. If customers feel as if they can handle the problem on their own, then they can check out the extensive FAQ page that is available on both the app and website.

The FAQ page has 14 different sections that customers can choose from, each of which contains multiple questions and answers for that given topic. These topics include deposits, account creation, bonuses, house rules, and more. With the level of detail the FAQ page features and the quick response live chat, customers should be able to resolve problems quickly and get back to enjoying the app.

Responsible Gaming Tools

Even if a sports betting app is available in just one state, they still need to offer responsible gaming tools to its customers. Since that is the case, the ZenSports app offers a nice selection of tools for their customers to use, including wager limits, deposit limits, time limits, account cool-offs, self-exclusion, and more.

With all those tools in place, customers can easily monitor their gaming, and if that is not enough, the site also has plenty of responsible gaming resources to check out. These resources include state hotlines and specific contact info for two people who specialize in gaming addiction.

Mobile Betting With ZenSports

The layout and overall look of the ZenSports app is much different than most sportsbooks customers are used to dealing with. Instead of being able to just see all games up front, customers must choose the specific league and game before getting to the bets available for that event. Once bettors get used to this format, the app becomes easy to navigate and very user-friendly.

In terms of overall responsiveness, the app is impressive as no matter how long a given betting session of ours was or how much we clicked around; the app did not slow down, glitch, or crash. Efficiency is important with sports betting, and customers do not need to worry about the app slowing them down when trying to make a wager at a specific price.

One area that can be a little frustrating for bettors is how the actual wagers are laid out. Each bet is within its individual square that includes the specific, the odds, and the maximum bet that can be made. For moneyline bets, this format isn’t a problem, but for spread or prop bets, the actual line can be difficult to see since it is written in a light gray font, so while the odds of that bet are easy to find, customers can’t easily see if a team is (-3.5) or (+3.5).

Downloading The ZenSports App

For bettors in Tennessee who are looking to download the ZenSports app, they can do so from either the App Store or through the Android link on the website, so iPhone and Android users can both enjoy the product.

Right now, on the App Store, the app has a 3.6 out of 5-star rating, but for the record, it currently has less than 25 reviews. Since the app cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store, there is no rating of the app for Android users.

Web Platform

There is a ZenSports web platform; however, it cannot be used to browse the betting board or make wagers. This product uses its web platform in a few ways, which include explaining their promotions, a place to download the Android app, and a place where customers can contact customer support and look at the FAQ page.

Since you cannot place wagers from the web platform, we did not spend an immense amount of time on it, but in the time we did spend on it, we appreciated its responsiveness and organized layout. Customers looking to either download the Android app or looking for a solution to their problem can efficiently do so on the website so they can get back to enjoying the app itself.

Overall User Experience - Summary: ZenSports

For a newer sportsbook, ZenSports seems to be trending in the right direction when it comes to ideas and giving its customers a top-notch experience. We appreciate the creativity and quality of their promotions for both new and existing customers, as they were willing to stray away from the norm and focus on a fun idea that gives bettors a real chance to build a bankroll on the product.

The fact that peer-to-peer betting should soon be available on the product also makes the app more appealing as, once again, it is providing something that most U.S. sportsbooks will likely never offer. However, even when the peer to peer betting is launched, we would like to see some improvements made to the app.

For starters, in order to compete with the top sportsbooks, this product will need to offer more betting markets and bet types. If you’re only going to offer three bet types and few prop bets a game, bettors will likely start to look elsewhere. Additionally, we would like to see the odds on each bet be a bit more visible on the screen so it’s easy to toggle the betting board.

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