UEFA Women's Euro: France - Netherlands

SOCCER | There won't be a lack of speed in the last quarter-final of the Women's European Championship, when France, third in the world ranking, and the Netherlands, who are in fourth place, meet in the match. Both teams racked up two wins and a draw during the group stage, so this is a clash-up between two high-quality squads.

In terms of fundamentals, the difference between the teams is not significant in France's favor, so that we can expect an even match between these top countries.

France is a favorite, and the Netherlands is the challenger

Along with England and Germany, France, one of the tournaments' biggest favorites, played a convincing group stage. In the opening match, this top dog of Group D beat poorly performing Italy with a score of 5-1, proving the team's firepower with a clear illustration. In the second match, France squeezed out a narrow 2-1 victory over Belgium, but in the light of the events of the game, the bout should have ended with a way more margin, as the number of goal attempts was no less than 27-2 in France's favor.

France had already secured the victory in Group D before the last group stage match, and understandably, the team did not show their best skills against Iceland. France managed to put the ball into Iceland's net no less than three times in the match, but VAR checks disallowed two of these efforts, and as Iceland scored in the extra time penalty kick, the last group points were divided with a 1-1 draw. However, France naturally dominated the field in that match, even though head coach Corinne Diacre rotated the lineup quite drastically.

The Netherlands, which played in group C, was somewhat unexpectedly in trouble in the group stage, and the team managed to secure its place in the quarter-finals in the last match against Switzerland. The Dutch started the tournament with a 1-1 draw against Sweden. The performance was, however, not in any way promising, and in the light of the events, the Swedes should have probably won the match.

In the second match, the Netherlands beat Portugal with a score of 3-2, and in that game, you could occasionally see the Netherlands' high-class, dangerous attacking play.

The last group stage match against Switzerland ended 1-4 in favor of the Netherlands, and the team advanced to the quarter-finals. However, the Netherlands remained second in Group C, as they were tied (7 points) with Sweden with a slightly weaker goal difference.

The Netherlands is for sure a quality team, but in this tournament, their performance has fluctuated a little too much. However, there is potential to beat the big countries. So, if everything falls into place, the Dutch have a good chance, even against a team of France's caliber.

Are you looking forward to playing with few goals and precision?

According to the recent performances, France is definitely ahead of the Netherlands. Also, thanks to a wider bench and a few better individuals, France is the rightful favorite to win match highly anticipated match.

The Netherlands is the defending EURO champion, but in this tournament, the team has only impressed occasionally. The Dutch have the firepower to score many goals, but their attacking play has not reached its peak, especially against the other top teams. Thus it's worth noting that France's defense is genuinely elite level.

And as The Netherlands has to also focus intensely on the defense, the expectation is that we probably won't see a goal-fest regarding this clash-up. France is the favorite to win the match more than once out of two, but the 1X2 betting odds are already very appropriate. Therefore, our eyes are turned to the markets with few goals.

Our probability estimate for under 2.5 goals is 54%, and the odds of 2.02 offered are suitable with a limit of 1.85.

Tip for the match: France - Netherlands: Under 2.5 goals, odds 2.02 (TonyBet)

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