Bets to Target for 2024 NBA All-Star Weekend

We are halfway through the NBA season, which means it is time for All-Star weekend. The best players in the league will be gathered in Indianapolis, Indiana, and luckily, for basketball bettors who want to keep betting on the NBA, they can find betting markets for all the events set to take place this weekend. Before we get into a few plays I’ll be targeting, I think it is important with events like this to always bet responsibly.

Three-Point Contest

Malik Beasley 1st Round Score Under 20.5 (-115/DK): Beasley is one of three newcomers to the event, and right now, on DraftKings, he has the second highest odds to win the event at (+650). The Milwaukee Bucks shooting guard is knocking down threes at an impressive rate this season, but the only problem is the pace and style of this event is much different than an actual game, and recently, it has not been common for first-timers to flourish right away. Four of the first newcomers to the event last year posted a first-round score of 20 or less, and I think this year could be a lot of the same.

Karl-Anthony Towns Zero Starry Shots Made in Round 1 (+100/DK): Last year’s event brought out a new twist with the Starry Shots. Each contestant gets two per round, and they set from close to 30 feet away from the basket, so much deeper than a traditional three. Karl-Anthony Towns has won a three-point contest before, but he did it before this twist was added to the contest, and frankly, 30-foot shots and big men don’t go hand in hand together. Last season, he attempted just one shot from 30-34 feet out, and this season he’s only attempted two.

Trae Young Best Streak (+550/DK): Finding momentum and knocking down consecutive shots is a huge boost in an event like this. All the shooters in this event can get hot from deep, but Trae Young can do it exceptionally fast. With that, if you mix his ability to get in a groove quickly and the fact that he’s competed in this even before, I think this price is too good to pass up on. The only problem is that in-state Hawks fans can’t tail this pick due to Georgia sports betting legislation.

Rising Stars Challenge

Team Pau (-6.5)(-110) over Team Detlef (on DK): The Rising Stars challenge has changed a lot over the years, as there are now four teams, and the winners of the first two games meet in the Championship round. Pau Gasol’s team is favored to win the event at (+120), and in the first round, they will play a team filled with G-League Showcase players like Izan Almansa and Matas Buzelis.

Team Pau features current Rookie of the Year frontrunner Victor Wembanyama and young stars like Brandon Miller, Jaime Jaquez Jr, Cason Wallace, Jabari Smith, and more. From top to bottom, Team Pau has a group of competitive guys who aren’t afraid to play defense and can catch a bunch of lobs, which is important in this type of event. Team Detlef may feature some future stars of the league, but as for this game, I think they’ll struggle to keep up.

Team Jalen (+105) over Team Tamika (DK): The first matchup of the Rising Stars Challenge will feature Chet Holmgren and his OKC counterpart Jalen Williams leading Team Jalen against Paolo Banchero and Keegan Murray. While this is more of an even matchup on paper, I think Team Jalen has a good roster for this event, as they have rim protectors like Walker Kessler and Dereck Lively II to go along with shooters like Jordan Hawkins.

Dunk Contest

Jacob Toppin Average Score Over 45.5 (-120/DK): Obi Toppin won the Slam Dunk Contest in 2022, and now his brother will try his hand at the event. Jacob Toppin was no lottery pick like his brother and his lesser known, but he certainly has a ton of athletic ability. Last year, not one contestant had an average score under 45.5, and I think Toppin would have to make a drastic swing and miss to go under. With nothing to lose and someone with experience in the event in his corner, I think Toppin could surprise some people.

Jaylen Brown Under .5 Perfect 50s (-175/DK): I was shocked to see Jaylen Brown’s name pop up when the contestants were released. Brown is undoubtedly athletic and a good in-game dunker, but he does not strike me as a guy who will flourish in a dunk contest. Over the last three years, there have only been three 50s handed out by the judges, and Mac McClung got all three of them. The juice may not be there with this bet, but I think it’s worth adding to the card.


  • Malik Beasley 1st Round Score Under 20.5 (-115/DK) (1 Unit)

  • Karl-Anthony Towns Zero Starry Shots Made in Round 1 (+100/DK) (1 Unit)

  • Trae Young Best Streak (+550/DK)

  • Team Pau (-6.5)(-110) over Team Detlef (on DK)

  • Team Jalen (+105) over Team Tamika (DK)

  • Jacob Toppin Average Score Over 45.5 (-120/DK)

  • Jaylen Brown Under .5 Perfect 50’s (-175/DK) (1 Unit)

*all plays .5 units unless noted otherwise *odds subject to change

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