Football Betting Guide

In the United States, American football is currently the most popular sport, with an audience of millions, and close to 40% of Americans actively bet on each NFL season. A wide variety of wagering markets for the sport are now available from bookies worldwide, which contain everything from conventional to unique and modern options.

Being familiar with the process of football and sports wagering, in general, is vital before a bettor begins their betting journey. This guide will help bettors start their gambling journey with the right tools to help them make their experience as successful as possible.

Guide To Football Betting

Making bets without clearly understanding tactics for increasing a bankroll would be unwise. If bettors play for money, they will have to spend more than their funds and time. They can learn about the most common sorts of American football betting odds and how to understand and analyze the various formats connected.

The betting sector keeps growing, and all the relevant information is easy to access. Sportsbooks already nurture beginner bettors and cater to pro gamblers, so the options and resources are numerous. Bettors should know the differences and benefits of postseason, in-game, and regular betting.

What games and bets do people look forward to? Which teams are favored and why? Following the crowd is not the answer every time, but it will help them understand the sport from people with more experience in this area. Once mastered, betting on football can be fun and very successful.

So, it is essential that bettors invest in a good sportsbook, learn more about the sport and have the discipline for their bankroll. Line shopping is when the bettor compares all the sportsbooks to find the best odds to maximize to return on investment.

One major event bettors can look forward to is the NFL regular season, which lasts almost four months, starting in September each year. The playoffs occur each January, consisting of the teams that made it into the regular season. These teams play against each other in their divisions, and the four leading teams in each division and three runners-up make it through. The last event is the Super Bowl, played in February every year.

More events include the NCAA College Football event, which takes place over five months, starting in August.

How To Bet On Football

Several ways to wager on a game make online football betting appealing. Even though most individuals place their bets on the winner, bettors aren't confined to this choice. Combined scores and in-game events, also known as side actions, are other wagers on offer, and they may also wager on numerous others.

When a bettor is looking for a specific type of bet, it is advisable to compare different sports apps, as each will have other wagering options. Timing a wager is an essential consideration, and if a star player is injured, for example, it is better to hold off with a bet until they know if the player will start the game.

Researching the many aspects of the game, the players, and their previous matches will pay dividends. Bettors must invest time and understand the betting process before committing to a wager, and they can do this by studying popular bets in football and being up-to-date on the games and players.

Finally, no bettor should miss out on an opportunity to bet on the Super Bowl, the biggest football day of the year.

Step-by-step guide

Below is a bettor's step-by-step guide to signing up for an online sportsbook and placing their first football bet.

  1. Navigate to the sportsbook page, click the 'sign-up button and input the required details on the given fields. The ideal sportsbook must have good sports markets, an excellent reputation, plenty of payment options, efficient customer support, a live gaming experience, and more.

  2. After signing up, account verification will be through an email the sportsbook sends.

  3. The bettor can also input the promo code if a bonus offer is available.

  4. Depositing money can be done via any payment platform of the bettor's choice.

  5. The bettor can then open the sports category, select football, and place their wager on available betting options.

Football Betting Types And Formats

Several standard football betting options are always available in a sportsbook. Knowing which works for beginner bettors is the best way to avoid significant losses and confusion in the betting process. Not all bets are easy to predict, and not all are profitable and worth the risk. But this all comes down to a bettor's skills, understanding, and bankroll.

The most common bets include over/ under, money lines, prop bets, and totals. And when bettors have the most comprehensive knowledge of the teams and their history, they can identify the most straightforward wagers from these many options to determine which types of bets they should focus on each game.

A team playing at home has an advantage over the other, but results may also be affected by factors like the weather and individual players' performances. Bettors will eventually be able to grasp the fundamentals of placing winning wagers and even dabble in strategies like dutching and more.

Further in this football betting guide, we will explore three standard betting options bettors might want to look into.

Over or Under

Almost all bookmakers provide an over/under market on the outcome of each football game. Bettors can wager on whether a match will have more or fewer points than the predetermined number. Placing an over/under bet is easy to understand and straightforward. But, to be successful, bettors must research the strategies and forms of the other teams.

The bookmaker will establish a total, and gamblers will have to pick whether or not they believe the final result will be under or over that total. In this case, the bookies will always show the total points scored by both sides.


Popular for being an excellent starting place for individuals who are beginners to football gambling, the moneyline is quite basic and easy to grasp. It is sometimes referred to as a straight-up bet since it predicts the outcome of a game by picking one side to win over the other.

The odds will be negative for favorites and positive for underdogs in each game. The difference between the figures will show how close the matchup is, in the opinion of the oddsmaker. A bettor must choose which team they believe will be the winner in the end.

Point Spread

This type of wager might be a little trickier, but in football betting, point spread bets are one of the most talked-about wagering options. It is among bettors' favorite bets, and almost all sportsbooks offer the option to participate. A team's chances of winning or losing are depicted by what is known popularly as the spread. It is vital to take into consideration the spread while placing a wager.

Say a bettor wagers on a favorite; they must finish by a margin greater than the spread that has been established. If the spread is -6.5 points, the bettor's side must win by seven points. To win a wager on an underdog, they must either win outright or lose by fewer points than the allocated spread for the bettor to win.

How To Make Football In-Game Bets

In-play betting has so much value and has a large audience, and it refers to placing football bets while a game is in progress. That wager might be on the outcome or a game's future play. So, some bets might be short-term bets while others are long-term.

Unlike regular betting, in-game betting is fast and borderline hectic. To avoid being caught off guard and losing out on valuable betting opportunities, bettors should prepare to react swiftly to the wagering opportunities and figures that will be available to them in real time.

Also, they must not be caught up in the thrill and excitement of live betting and make betting decisions without thinking them through. Bettors can avoid this by preparing in advance depending on what bets they are looking forward to participating in.

Standard wagering options will include money lines, prop bets, and more. The options differ from sportsbook to sportsbook. The best in-game betting sites are Caesars sportsbook, DraftKings, and Unibet, to name a few.

Finding The Best Football Betting Apps

The ideal sportsbook will be the one that meets a bettor's specific requirements. Regardless of differences in sportsbooks, there are features a great sportsbook should not lack.

The first step to comparing sportsbooks is by going through reviews people leave. Bettors can know a platform more by reading what others say about it, which is why a good sportsbook will want to maintain an outstanding online reputation.

They can then move on to the bets and odds the football betting app offers. If it doesn't provide the basic options and tempting odds, looking for another might be the best move. The bonus offers that accompany the football betting options are equally generous. Some sportsbooks will offer promotions with strict wagering requirements that can take time and effort to fulfill. Great deals and promotions are essential in increasing a bettor's bankroll.

When it comes to in-game betting, a sportsbook must function without glitches or delays. Bettors should look into the support contact options, payment methods, and, most importantly, the platform's growth compared to its competition.

One important thing to note is that a good sportsbook will never have multiple negative reviews. The best way to compare bookmakers is by going through their sportsbook reviews from different sites, visiting their main pages, and browsing through or testing specific features. Bettors can list what each sportsbook offers and select the one that caters to their needs.

Football Online Betting Offers

The first bonus offer a bettor receives when they sign up for their football sportsbook is a welcome offer, and like other bonus offers, the welcome bonus differs from sportsbook to sportsbook. Most platforms are generous with their sign-up bonuses and want the new sign-ups to become regular customers.

One thing a bettor can consider with football betting bonuses is the requirements and conditions that accompany them. Although some sportsbooks may seem generous, they might have bonus conditions that are hard to meet and are not worth taking advantage of.

Bonuses like cash sign-up or free bets increase a bettor's betting amounts or offer more chances at making more bets. Other rewards are meant to act as protective deals, such as risk-free bets, insurance bets, and money back. It all comes down to the amount a bettor is willing to invest, and if their bankroll is on the lower side, they can go for less risky bonuses.

Betting on football on multiple sportsbooks

Online bookmakers regularly offer many other football betting options based on upcoming matches and in-game bets. For example, specific betting options allow users to bet against themselves on each sportsbook and eventually make a profit on either wager at the end of the day.

Furthermore, many players have adopted a trend of signing up for two different sportsbooks to benefit from great offers and sometimes make up for what one sportsbook does not have. Bettors will need to keep themselves up-to-date by visiting the platforms daily.

Nevertheless, this will require them to know their bets and markets before diving into more complex betting practices.

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Some commonly asked questions (FAQ):

How can I bet football online?

Bettors can start betting on football by finding a good sportsbook, signing up, and placing their bets. However, they must invest more time and learn more about the sport if they want to wager for money.

What kind of football bets can I place on mobile betting apps?

On a mobile app, bettors can wager any football bets that they can place on their PC and their mobile devices as long as the sportsbook offers the markets and options. These bets include over/under, futures, totals, and more options.

How does in-game football betting work?

In-game football betting happens during the game. It is thrilling and requires concentration and understanding, as many novice bettors may invest more money than planned and make impulsive betting decisions.

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