Boxing Betting Guide

As one of the oldest and most renowned combat sports, boxing showcases fight skills between two athletes inside a ring. Two boxers face each other over twelve rounds, each lasting three minutes. Furthermore, wearing protective gear is essential in this sport to reduce injuries. These include headgear, hand wraps, gloves, and a mouth guard.

Today, boxing is the second most famous sport among the youth, and it offers many contests and a wide array of betting opportunities to choose from and is more popular than ever.

Guide To Boxing Betting

Understanding the betting lines is essential for all bettors. Due to inexperience, it can be quite challenging for new punters to know how to place bets using effective strategies. Moreover, using a sportsbook that offers the most comprehensive betting options is the best way to gain an edge in betting, and there are particular features to look out for when choosing one.

First, bettors must choose a reputable and reliable sportsbook, which is vital for the best gambling experience. Furthermore, the best sportsbooks offer user and mobile-friendly apps with unique betting options, including props and over/unders.

A well-rounded sportsbook will also provide the best possible odds, which increases bettors' chances of winning from boxing betting. Therefore, bettors must compare odds between 2 or more bookies to get the best boxing odds. Sportsbooks allow bettors to grab odds as high as +300 and -300 sometimes, giving them a higher chance of winning their bets.

Before placing bets, the bettor should carefully research a boxer's past performances, records, fighting style odds, and stats. However, it is essential to note that these criteria are only guidelines, and each person has their strategy for betting.

Bettors wager more on major boxing events such as IBF, WBA, IBO, & WBO.

How To Bet On Boxing

There are many bets players can choose from, and these range from over/under rounds to moneylines and bout betting. Many sportsbooks offer different betting choices and are not limited to just a few. The most popular bet types in boxing are round-winner bets, method of victory, and total rounds.

If a player wants to be successful in betting, timing is compulsory. Knowing the best time to place wagers can help you make better gambling decisions. Moreover, it increases the money they will win by maximizing their earnings before and during the match.

The more the player studies the games, the better their chances of winning money. However, bettors shouldn't miss out on WBC heavyweight boxing championships as this event offers good odds through boxing betting online. In events like this, the winner of the match may be somewhat apparent, but results don't always come out as expected. Therefore, punters must constantly assess their experience, skill levels, and minor details before placing bets in this sport.

Step-by-step guide

Online betting on boxing is effortless. Below is a numbered step-by-step guide bettors can bet on this sport online.

  1. First, bettors must choose a reliable sportsbook and complete all sign-up procedures before placing a bet.

  2. After registering, players should check the upcoming matchup and odds before deciding which fighters they would love to bet on.

  3. Read the rules and regulations of each sportsbook as policies vary from one sportsbook to another.

  4. Punters can proceed with funding their betting accounts.

  5. Choose the bet type and input how much they can risk.

  6. Click the "bet" button to confirm the wager.

Boxing Betting Types And Formats

Online betting on boxing has become quite popular over the years, and many sportsbooks are now working to provide users with the best online betting experience through multiple options. As one of the most popular sports in the world, players can access a wide range of betting formats, including moneylines, total rounds (over/under), methods of winning, and round betting.

A vast majority of gamblers will wager their hard-earned money on the outcome of this brutal sport, which is the moneyline bet. However, boxing betting is available in many forms, each with unique characteristics. Other common wagers in this sport are special knockdown bets, in-round bets, and more exotic bets like parlays, teasers, and more.

In this boxing betting guide, we have outlined three popular bet formats one should know when considering a wager before placing it on paper or betting an account online. They include the following.

Total Rounds Bets

This bet format means that the users must bet on the number of rounds in which the boxing match lasts. The sportsbook chosen picks a specific point that will allow them to bet on whether the bout will end before or after.

For example, if a bettor wagers on Joshua beating Ruiz Jr. in a +7.5 round, the bettor will win if the fight lasts over eight rounds or more. In contrast to that result, the bet becomes void if the total number of rounds in the boxing match is below eight.

Payouts differ depending on what line the bettor bets on, which is understandable—the higher the risk, the bigger the bankroll.


As mentioned, this is a more common betting format among players who bet on this sport. Just as the name suggests, the bettor must pick a fighter who will win. Sportsbooks will assign moneyline odds with positive or negative signs depending on the popularity and records of each boxer. The favorite fighter gets the odds with the negative sign, while the underdog has a positive sign.

Placing moneyline boxing bets require excellent knowledge of the sport and its boxers. For example, Floyd Mayweather -400 and Conor McGregor +300 show Mayweather is a betting favorite and a $100 wager on this fighter yields $125 plus the initial stake. On the other hand, McGregor is the underdog in this match. Suppose he wins; the bettor will get a total payout of $400 plus the $100 wager amount.


These bet types are risky to win. Despite this downside, parlays have some uses for those looking to bet to supplement their bankroll. For example, you bet on five teams covering their spread. Here, even if a single team doesn't cover their spread, the bettor loses the whole bet. However, if all five cover, the payout will be more massive than an individual or single bet.

Parlays are also known as combo bets or accumulators because it comprises individual bets merged to form one wager by combining potential total payout totals. However, a boxing parlay shifts to a smaller number, with the odds reducing if any of the wagers' outcomes is a tie or push or tie.

How To Make Boxing In-Game Bets

So-called live betting is another type that allows a bettor to wager on an event in real time. For example, if the user likes a particular fighter, they can place a bet during the match that he will win—giving them a predetermined payout if their prediction comes true. Whether these boxing bets are available depends entirely on where the bettors are in the world and what bookie they use.

Moreover, this type of betting is growing in popularity among those wishing to get involved as the match unwinds. Players will observe that the odds for live betting in boxing change frequently, and the moneyline odds keep adjusting depending on the fight period left. Punch statistics also affect the odds significantly.

The best sportsbook operators offer mobile and user-friendly apps that support live streaming, allowing users to easily place and track their in-game bets. The best sportsbooks also provide fair odds using the best technology.

Finding The Best Boxing Betting Apps

This guide section will help find the best sportsbook app for a bettor in this sport. When comparing betting apps and sportsbook operators, it will be best for users to consider features like security, customer service, site graphics, ease of use, and deposit/ withdrawal methods.

From the punters' POV, the top sportsbook operators yield huge profits if their wager is successful. However, through regular comparison, you will see that some sportsbooks offer bigger odds than others. The ideal boxing betting app for bettors is mobile- and user-friendly, provides all betting formats, and supports all gambling activities, including deposits and withdrawals.

Similarly, a bettor must choose a good sportsbook app for the best gambling experience. A good boxing betting app includes various promotions and bonuses, numerous & efficient payment options, a wide array of bet types, and good mobile optimization. The betting app must also have a simple layout to aid easy navigation as bettors carry out different gambling-related activities.

On the contrary, a good betting app must not have a bad user interface, as it may frustrate users and affect their gambling decisions. It may be challenging to know the best ones from a glance, even if they are licensed. Therefore, it is essential to try different sportsbook sites and mobile betting apps and compare them.

Boxing Online Betting Offers

Popular customer attraction strategies used by bookies are based on promotions and offers. When placing online wagers on boxing matchups, it will be best if bettors utilize all betting offers, bonuses, and rewards to improve their payout significantly.

This sport has many flexible betting offers, including the regular win-draw-win format. Asides from "Round Betting," the "Method of Victory," and the "Total Rounds" formats, bettors have access to other unique bet types like knockdown betting. This format helps players predict the round a fighter will be knocked out and the total knockdowns in the fight. Due to the high level of risk, unique bets usually offer higher returns. However, bettors need to do thorough research before attempting them.

As mentioned, betting promotions and bonuses are essential in helping users boost their bankroll and upgrade their gambling experience. Nevertheless, punters must ensure that they have basic knowledge of boxing and how to bet on it before using these offers.

Final Words

For gamblers to maximize their chances of earning from boxing betting, they require effective betting tips and strategies. Novices in this sport should practice the following tips to enjoy the best betting experience:

  • In-depth research on this sport is needed to help users become more familiar with betting terms and formats.

  • They must check for the best available odds by comparing several sportsbooks and betting sites.

  • Players should take full advantage of betting offers, including bonuses and promotions, to help boost payouts.

Punters should also listen to boxing expert predictions and tipsters before placing wagers and always remember to bet responsibly.

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Some commonly asked questions (FAQ):

How can I bet boxing online?

First, bettors must sign up with a boxing betting site and fund their accounts. Afterward, they can navigate the betting section to pick their wagers. Users must input the wager amount and click "bet" to confirm their bet.

What kind of boxing bets can I place on mobile betting apps?

The best mobile betting apps enable bettors to access several bet types. Popular boxing bets bettors can place on mobile apps include round bets, moneyline, and round totals. However, some sportsbooks offer exciting and unique betting markets for players.

How does in-game boxing betting work?

In-play boxing betting is popular because it enables punters to place wagers on a fight event as it unfolds. The odds in this type of bet constantly change based on the ongoing event, and bettors require good betting strategies to win.

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