Basketball Betting Guide

Regarding prominent sports, basketball is among the first-line choices to wager on. Undoubtedly, the game has solidified its position at the top of the list.

It is among the sports that enjoy the most significant gambling interest, where some of the world's top-paid athletes compete. In fact, the sport keeps taking the fancy of many gambling enthusiasts. Here is a simple basketball betting guide to get started.

Guide To Basketball Betting

If you want to become a successful punter, you must understand the critical factors before placing a wager, as all this is not as onerous as experienced gamblers may make it seem.

First, a bettor should always ensure that their knowledge of the sport is extensive enough. A player will most likely make the wrong assessment if they do not fully understand the game. In addition, it is crucial to choose the correct sports betting app. Some apps offer one or two types of bets that limit a player's possibilities of winning, so selecting the most appropriate sportsbook app is key to enjoying a betting experience.

Learning how various bets work is advisable to avoid losing hard-earned cash on a bet type. Different bookies have different odds for every match, so users must shop for the bookmaker with the best basketball betting odds. Indeed, line shopping is the best way to wager since it gives a user the best possible payouts.

Not surprisingly, the National Basketball League (NBA) records the highest bets per match, thanks to their interactivity and worldwide popularity. In fact, the league has been building relationships with the whole betting scene more and more actively over recent years.

How To Bet On Basketball

Placing bets on basketball is no rocket science, but the trick is that the bettor must understand how to lay out successful wagers. It starts with deep knowledge of basketball's various bets, including moneylines, parlays, totals, point spreads, prop bets, teasers, in-play bets, and futures.

Each of these bet types has its own importance in a game. For instance, in-play bets allow the user to place wagers according to the happenings of a game in progress. Among the bet types mentioned above, moneylines, parlays, and totals are the most common options. As such, they can be found in every basketball betting app. Various bookies offer different bet types based on their prominence among users of the sites.

Also, timing is crucial when placing bets. Although wagering too early always has better odds, players won't be able to cancel or alter their wager during the game. Therefore, placing bets a few minutes before a match starts or once it has started is advisable. Because of the various betting markets, NBA matches are usually the most essential from a bettor's POV.

Step-by-step guide

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to place basketball wagers online. Players should:

  1. Visit the preferred sportsbook's website and sign up by clicking the 'register' button. Here, bettors must give their full name, SSN, and address, among other useful information.

  2. Download the sportsbook app. Most bookmakers have applications for both android and iOS that the bettor can download.

  3. Fund their betting account. Bettors can add funds to their user account wallets using an accepted banking option.

  4. Claim any bonus offers. Various bookies offer bonuses to new members that the user can claim.

  5. Place a bet. With the funds in their account, the user can shop around the bookie and place any wager.

Basketball Betting Types And Formats

Among the many betting formats, including parlays, moneylines, and futures, the most popular way of betting on basketball games is with a point spread method. In short, when a punter bets on a point spread, other bettors have predetermined the number of points they believe the teams will be separated. This is an estimated final margin that a bookmaker will list for an upcoming game. A positive (+) number is then awarded to the underdog and a negative (-) number to the favorite.

Another popular basketball bet type is Over/Under wagers, also known as total points or simply totals. In this bet, punters have to guess whether the sum of goals scored by both teams in a football match exceeds the parameter proposed by the bookmaker.

Bookies also offer outrights/futures and teasers, predicting who will win the championship and playoffs.

As being familiar with the ins and outs of these different bet types is vital for successful sports gambling, this basketball betting guide will look at some of the most popular ones in a more detailed manner. Read on to find out more.


Otherwise known as straight-up bets, moneylines are the most common of all bet types in basketball, and you will find them in all sportsbooks that offer basketball. Perhaps it is so popular for its simplicity, as with moneylines, players are only required to predict the team that will win.

As such, this betting format is relatively simple yet risky, which is why it attracts much bigger odds. As a player, one must fully understand a team before investing in or against them. Although the favorites stand a better chance of winning, they usually have a less lucrative value.


Parlay bets are some of the riskiest in basketball betting in so many ways. However, they are usually quite rewarding, and many players prefer this type of bet over others because they can combine stakes. Parlays involve combining various possible outcomes into a single bet slip, and for placing a wager, betting enthusiasts need to choose at least two moneylines, totals, or point spreads.

The catch is that all individual bets need to win for the parlay bet to succeed. Often, players lose their bets only because of a single match that went sideways. Although riskier than other bet types, parlays are very tempting as the payouts are usually more rewarding.


This type of bet is also easy to understand as it is based on the same principle as win bets. Futures are also called outrights, as the idea is to guess who the winner of a major competition will be. Although making a futures bet can be a lot of fun, it comes with several disadvantages, as you have to make your prediction before the season has even started.

In fact, there is no way for you to know how each team will perform, as some key players may be on the bench or injured during the season. You could, of course, base your prediction on the team's performance from the previous season, but even this is not always indicative.

The conclusion is that you never know what will happen during a basketball season, which explains why futures betting represents such a risk.

How To Make Basketball In-Game Bets

The prominence of in-game betting comes from the ability to gauge an outcome of a game in progress. In-play wagering, sometimes called live betting, refers to the basketball bets that can be placed when a match is underway.

People love in-play bets because they believe that placing bets while the game is ongoing is all downhill. Essentially, live betting involves making one or several consecutive wagers after the said basketball match has begun. In-game betting is usually a great choice when the underdogs are having a field day. In such an instance, the odds can favor a player if the favorites choose to recover from their slow start.

The best bookies and betting apps don't experience lags or slow loading times with live betting. In-game betting is all about timing, and the player risks losing their money whenever the preferred sportsbook lags. Again, players need a stable internet connection to avoid interruptions during a game.

Finding The Best basketball Betting Apps

Currently, the online sports betting space is the go-to option when one wants to place a wager. Many bookmakers develop apps for their mobile customers to play on the go, and players can find them on the App Store.

Although finding the best sportsbook can be challenging, a player should always look for the following hallmarks. Security and privacy are two critical elements of a good basketball betting app. The player should ensure that the app safeguards customers' data. This way, they get to only wager with reputable sports gambling apps.

Payment options supported by a sportsbook app are equally crucial. The best gambling app accepts various payment methods and needs to be efficient, fast, and convenient. Another hallmark of the best betting app is its various basketball markets. The bookie should provide bettors with all the flexibility needed when placing bets.

Lastly, the betting app should also provide the best technology to avoid lags and downtimes. Indeed, technologies such as HTML5 reduce loading times by almost half, which is ideal for in-game betting. However, the best way to compare various bookies and operators is by trying them out.

Of course, it needs to be highlighted that only certain US states have legalized online sports gambling, so the bettors may need to understand the legislation of their home state. However, if you live in states like New Jersey, NY, or Colorado, you have plenty of legal sportsbook apps to choose from.

Basketball Online Betting Offers

Sportsbooks use various betting offers to attract and maintain the loyalty of customers. Notably, these offers vary from time to time and are always based on multiple parameters. Regarding basketball, bookies offer different bonuses and promotions to improve gameplay, and needless to say, these betting offers are always vital to players.

Bettors can use various offers to increase their chances of winning or to get another go at placing wagers if they lose. So what are the various betting offers in this sport? Sportsbooks offer different promotions and bonuses; however, players are most likely to come across the following.

First, bookmakers will offer welcome bonuses to new members who sign up for a betting account. These help new members increase their overall payouts in their first game. Also, some bookies offer free bets to players who lose their first-ever wager with the bookmaker. With this, the gambler gets another go at placing basketball bets.

Mobile basketball betting

Undoubtedly, our tablets and smartphones are the best way to follow what is happening in a match. With such devices, players can keep up with the odds and lines, thanks to more betting sites creating apps to allow players to gamble on the go. Today, many bookies offer software that runs smoothly on major operating systems.

Betting apps offer an alternative to betting on PCs, but players don't necessarily have to install these mobile applications to wager on basketball. Indeed, most sportsbooks have designed their websites to assume the chosen device's screen orientation, thus offering an easy IU interface.

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Some commonly asked questions (FAQ):

How can I bet basketball online?

Placing wagers on basketball online has never been easier. With the preferred sportsbook, the bettor only needs to sign up for an account and find a convenient payment method. However, the bookie of choice must be reputable.

What kind of basketball bets can I place on mobile betting apps?

Currently, bookies offer several types of basketball bets that players can place from mobile betting apps. These include moneylines, prop bets, teasers, parlays, totals, in-play bets, etc., and it is essential to understand each of them.

How does in-game basketball betting work?

Sometimes called live wagering, this betting format is available once a game has begun. Do-overs are out of the question regarding in-game basketball betting, as once a bet is placed, the player has to wait for the outcome.

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